Chades Tapsilog at Felix Huertas and Remigio Streets Manila

After strolling at SM Tayuman, I never wanted to eat inside the mall. The food establishments there are so typical ;-) I wanted to find something different and more satisfying meal than just any food chain has to offer ;-)

There's a gut feel that within the vicinity near SM Tayuman, I'll find something amazing ;-) 10 minute walk (it's worth it I'm telling you) you'll find Chades Tapsilog! It is strategically located at Felix Huertas Street and Remigio Street. There were many people enjoying their food when I arrived there, it is past 10 in the evening and I think it is always like that especially during peak hours like primetime in the evening ;-)

When I arrived at the place, they are offering the following, though as you can see in their display, some are maybe not available during that time.

They serves:

Embosilog = Embotido, Sinangag (Fried Rice) and Egg
Chicksilog = Fried Chicken, Fried Rice with Egg
Lechon with Rice
Pares with Rice
Adosilog = Adobo, Fried Rice with Egg
Tosilog = Tocino, Fried Rice with Egg
Longsilog = Longganisa, Fried Rice with Egg
Hotsilog = Hotdog, Fried Rice with Egg
Corned Beef Silog = Corned Beef, Fried Rice with Egg
Porksilog = Fried Pork, Fried Rice with Egg
Fruit Salad

I tried their Corned Beef Silog and the serving is more than enough for me. I never thought that they will serve that without potatoes, which is great. Their Ensalada is really amazing, a combination of Tomatoes, Onion and Bagoong. You'll surely love that! With that meal, I added calamansi juice to satisfy my cravings!

All that for less than a hundred peso!!!

Will I come back again? Oh I can't wait!!! Surely I'll come back to try all of their meals ;-)


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