First Commemorative Coin of the Philippines

When we talk about Philippine Coins, there’s always discussions about commemorative coin issued by The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or Central Bank of the Philippines. For every list, there’s always common, the number one.

Talking about the first commemorative coin of the Philippines will bring us way back to Pre 1980’s, particularly the 1940’s, when the first Commemorative Coin was minted. The theme was the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese by General Douglas MacArthur.

After the granting of independence to the Philippines in 1946, no coins were minted for the Philippine Republic until 1958, other than a small silver commemorative issue in 1947 to honor General Douglas MacArthur. Totals of 200,000 50 centavos and 100,000 one-peso coins were minted with the general's image on the obverse and the national coat-of-arms on the reverse. Struck at the San Francisco Mint, they carry the "S" mintmark below the date.

This commemorative Silver peso to honor General Douglas MacArthur, has a limited mintage of just 100,000 coins, adding collectible appeal to the Silver content.

Portrait of Gen. Douglas McArthur, "Defender and Liberator of the Philippines", "Oct. 20, 1944"

Seal of the Republic of the Philippines, "Philippines", "Fifty Centavos" / "One Peso"


50-sentimo & 1-piso

Precious Metal Component: 

Fingers crossed, I can have this coin ;-)