Eat Bulaga's Filipino Comedian Jose Manalo's Daughter Myki Will Soon Become a Doctor

Here in the Philippines, everybody probably knows who Jose Manalo is.

Ariel Pagtalonia Manalo (born February 12, 1966 in Manila), better known as Jose Manalo, is a Filipino actor and comedian. He is best known for appearing regularly on the noon-time variety show Eat Bulaga! on GMA Network.

However, this article is not about the actor/comedian, this is about his pretty daughter Myki Manalo who will soon become a doctor.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see your children reach their dreams. That’s what Jose Manalo exactly feels right now as well as a lot of Netizens in the Social Media.

Jose Manalo have faced a lot, a lot really of controversies in his life. Especially being in the show business where everyone puts you on a microscopic point of view. 

In 2012, Jose Manalo's wife lodged a complaint against the comedian for verbal and emotional abuse. In her affidavit, she claimed that the abuse started in 2011 when Manalo had an alleged affair with a member of a popular dance group, rumored to be EB Babe Mergene. Manalo denied the charges of abuse and also his wife's accusations of family abandonment and child neglect. In his official statement, Jose Manalo asserted that he provided support, "financial or otherwise," to his children.

In late 2013, however, Manalo's daughter filed a case of violation against her father for failure to provide financial support, which caused her to drop out of school. The following year, his daughter subsequently attempted suicide, citing her family problems and mainly blaming her father as the reason. Jose Manalo had also refuted these allegations by his daughter.

This event, as Myki will become a doctor really turns everything back on track.

Myki Manalo is 24 years old as of this writing on 2016. She is more than just a pretty face indeed.

In 2012, she earns a psychology degree at De La Salle University, then after that, she finished studying medicine last April at FEU-Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation. She's currently doing her post graduate internship at De Los Santos Medical Center.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended St. Scholastica’s College with inclusive dates 1998-2005, O.B. Montessori Center Inc. with inclusive dates 2005-2008 then De la Salle University from 2008 with BS Psychology.

It’s been a long but great journey to be a doctor, graduating in the medicine field is really a great achievement.

Before becoming a doctor, you have to complete the undergraduate course first. Then before applying for a Medical School, you have to pass a lot of series of exams, not to mention the exam for  the License.

Myki Manalo undertakes everything to reach her goal to become a doctor.

She pass everything with flying colors.

Though surrounded by controversies, Jose and his daughter Myki is as close as they can get. Last year, 2015, Myki wrote on Facebook a touching post for her Dad along with a Snapshot of them together hugging each other.

On the other hand, Jose Manalo was being praised on Social Media by a lot of Netizens for having a great job caring for her daughter Myki and helping her fulfill her dreams. Jose did a great job taking care of his kids.

One thing or another, there would be a lot of hardships that we will face along all our journey. Just keep on moving forward and remember that “Great things happen to good people.”


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