Can Foreigners Own a Property in the Philippines?

The Real Estate is on booming stage here in the Philippines. As such, as far as a lot of foreigners wanted to visit the country for many reasons; one might be to find someone here who they can spend their life with, it would be more practical to purchase a property here in the country.

Yes of course, you as a foreigner can own a property in the Philippines and we have a lot to offer.

Philippines’ tropical climate, the warmth of the Filipinos and great opportunities for investments are some of the many reasons why more and more foreigners are now becoming interested in buying properties in the Philippines. On the other hand, many people are still not sure whether foreigners can own property in the country. The answer is yes, foreigners may own real estate property in the Philippines, but they are not allowed to buy and own land. Foreign ownership of property in our country is not absolute and subject to restrictions. Yet still, foreigners can invest in vertical property here.

Non-Filipinos may purchase and own condominium units built on Philippine soil. The ownership of condominium units is still subject to a 40% restriction for foreigners because a condominium project is similar to a corporation set up where 60% must be owned by Filipinos. Although it is clear from our laws that foreigners are not allowed to own land and their ownership of other forms of real estate properties is limited, these rules are subject to certain limitations.

In accordance with this scenario, we will show you one Condominium project which will surely catch both your curiosity and interest.

Presenting The Amaia Skies…

They have four (4) high rise Condominium so far and as of this writing, it is all nearly on its turn over stage. The Amaia Skies AVENIDA, STA. MESA, CUBAO, SHAW.

These are all strategically located which will make your stay in the Philippines more accessible to all places, establishments and events.

Amaia is the economic residential brand of Ayala Land, Inc. that caters to the broad affordable market segment. Its developments are anchored on 5 pillars- Location, Features and Amenities, Quality, Buying Experience, and Living Experience.

Amaia Land Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) that caters to a broad affordable market segment.

Amaia promises to bring the spirit and quality of an A-development to more people. Originally named First Communities Realty, Inc. under the former Laguna Properties Holdings Inc. (LPHI), Amaia focuses on the economic housing segment, which makes up 34% of the Philippine real estate market. Amaia caters to a broad affordable market segment that includes government employees, teachers, manufacturing employees, small business owners, starting professionals and families of Filipinos working abroad.


In Spanish/Basque, “Amaya” means a high place, the fulfilment of a dream. “Maya” is also taken from the local sparrow, humble and courageous as it goes about providing for its family each day.


Amaia Land Corp. will uphold the following pillars on its projects to be able to bring quality development to more people.

Wide Reach … Near Major Growth Areas
Accessible Within 3-5km from Commuters/Bus Hubs
Unique Community Concepts, Innovative House Designs, and Sense of Spaciousness
1-year Workmanship Warranty
Strong & Reliable Construction Team-up
Easy on the Pocket
Convenient Payment Options
Accessible Sales Offices & Customer Service Centers
Safe & Secure
Envisioned and Planned as a Functioning Community
Provisions for “Growth”
A Community to be Managed by Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC)

Why wait, you can reserve a unit now for only 425 US Dollars or Php 20,000.00.

For all your inquiries about the project, you can reach a Property Specialist who can assist you on your property investment here in the Philippines.

You can send an e-mail, chat, text thru the name below or simply post your comment here.

Fernan dela Cruz
+63 917 740 5493

Remember, it’s more fun in the Philippines ;-)


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