Taiwan Pet Salon With Unbelievable Grooming Skills

Though it seems so easy to take care a pet, having them groomed is another thing. You have to let the pet experts see your pet once in a while. This includes general health and of course, grooming.

Maybe a dog is really a man’s best friend, yet there were a lot of pet you can cuddle like cats, fish and some exotic pets if you are the adventurous type ;-)

Come in Taiwan, where a pet grooming salon has a great gimmick so you can visit their shop more often than usual.

By providing fur grooming services that range from cute to bizarre, an unusual pet salon in southern Taiwan attracts customers more and more. Those include trimming the back fur of pets into the shape of Hello Kitty, a teddy bear and something the salon calls "Stegosaurus spine". Yes folks you have read it right, they can do that to your pets ;-)

Most of pet salon "Igogo" designs are co-designed by Lee Mei-chen and salon owner Ou Shih-jou. Thirty year-old Lee already has six years of experiences as a pet groomer, although she started out with trimming human hair.

The designs on different pets are planned according to the natural assets the pets bring to the grooming table according to Lee.

"Because we don't provide the service of dying fur into different colours, we try to find a style that matches the appearance of (the pet) and then come up with a design. Of course everyone thinks that Hello Kitty is white and that a lion is dark brown. We try to come up with designs based on that concept," she said.

A customer came into the shop one time and he wanted something different to the usual full-body trim, then came the idea for the "stegosaurus design" according to Ou, the Owner of the Salon.

"If a cat needs to have its fur trimmed in the summer, the most common style is almost naked. Pet owners thought that there were no other styles, so they wanted to be more creative and asked us to come up with a design for them. When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back erects, that made us come up with a style called "Stegosaurus design". It (makes the cat) look like a small dinosaur. The owners were happy after they came back to see it, thinking it was quite creative," she said.

Although the pet salon only opened its doors for the first time in September last year, it has already built a loyal customer base. One of them has to take a 30-minute-drive to the shop every time she visits from her home in Kaohsiung.

"I think their technique is great. I haven't seen anything like this before, so I think they are really amazing. When walking (the pets) outside, people think it's amazing and magical. Everyone wants to take a photograph and see what kind of styles they (the pets) came up with. First people thought there was something on their (pets') bodies so they came closer to see what it was, trying to identify the patterns on their bodies." pet owner Kuo Yu-lan said.

The shop charges at least 20 USD for one trim, depending on pet size and the level of difficulty. The teddy bear style, which can take Lee up to three hours to complete on one furry back, is the most difficult.

Have you enjoyed the way they look after the grooming? Their pets seem to like it too ;-) Once in a while, we should pamper our pets by giving them some extra service to make them look better.


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