Bored? Try Out These Simple Yet Amazing Things With Your Partner in Bed

The title itself got your attention almost immediately right? Well, I will not spoil your "research" and surfing. 

There were a lot of things you could try out in bed with your partner to make your relationship up and running into a new level.

You might want to read this with him or her or, whatever you call your partner, I respect that! 

Just read on! These are the things you might want to try out in bed with your partner!

1. Believe it or not, this is the top answer! It makes complete sense.

Sleep. According to experts, couples sleeping on the same bed may live longer and be in better health than people who sleep by themselves.

In fact, some researchers believe that sleeping with a partner may be a major reason why people in intimate relationships tend to be in better health. It makes real sense.

Several studies have found that women generally don't sleep as well with a partner and wake up more often during the night compared to men who slept the same when in a shared bed, and both men and women move more when sleeping on the same bed.

Another recent UK survey revealed the average couple has 167 bedroom arguments a year mostly caused by irritating bedroom habits like hogging the sheets, snoring, rolling to the wrong side of the bed and cold feet.

2. Masturbation

Wow of course, we’re all ears ;-)

Masturbation can be good for mental and physical health. People who feel good about their bodies, sex, and masturbation are more likely to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.

Masturbation is also one of the best ways we can learn about our sexuality. It can help us explore the types of touch we like the most and help us learn how to get excited and how to reach orgasm.

People being comfortable masturbating in a partner’s presence would solve so many conflicts arising from mismatched libidos (even if the mismatch happens only rarely) or differences in ease of orgasm, but people tend to avoid it because they’re either uncomfortable with being that vulnerable or overly attached to the narrative that “sex is PIV and both people climax simultaneously and then it’s over”. People shouldn’t be threatened by a partner’s ability to give themselves pleasure.

3. Making out with each other

This might be on a number 3 but, personally, this is what I like most! We love to kiss, and experts says that benefits of kissing include:

Kissing can break down plaque and prevent cavities by producing saliva which cleans the teeth.

Kissing uses 30 muscles which will tighten and smooth your facial skin for a younger appearance.

Kissing helps you burn 3-5 calories a minute. That’s more fun than a fat cycle.

Kissing boosts your immune system since you are swapping germs your body will create antibodies to fight it.

Kissing is an antidepressant drug as it releases oxytocin naturally into your body helping decrease stress and can help control cholesterol levels.

Kissing releases endorphins that can help relieve pain.

A lot of couples loves making out everytime they found themselves alone with each other. I love kissing my partner and we could do it for hours. It’s awesome during sex. Before and even after it. When drunk or sober. Nothing keeps both parties in the mood faster than a great kiss.

4. Food and sex, a perfect combination

Bringing food into the bedroom engages the senses and we don't just mean taste. Use foods that smell and feel good on bare skin. (Sorry, stinky cheese lovers. Save that for a real meal!) To keep things hot, try foods you can heat up, like chocolate or honey. Or you can go the opposite direction with popsicles, frozen grapes, or just plain ice. Play around with these items, hot and cold alike, running them over sensitive zones like the neck, earlobes, nipples and lips.

At the same time, don't forget to use your hands to stroke, caress, and massage your partner, especially below the waist, where food is off-limits.

A lot of us are guilty indulging ourselves in food, this might be a great scapegoat to eat, just give it a try.

5. Have it researched how to do it properly

There's really only one benefit that matters. Like other sex, it can feel incredibly pleasurable with the right partner.

I mean, another fact about anal sex that's positive is that it's the only kind of intercourse that about half the human population can serve as the receptive partner for. (Well, male partners can also receive oral intercourse, but there are no nerves to make the act inherently pleasurable the way anal and vaginal intercourse is.)

Anal, done properly. Just please have it researched first before jumping into it. A lot of people give it a try and do it wrong, so it hurts horribly, and they never want to try it again. The road to anal sex should be slow and filled with patience and gentle exploration and experimentation, with a long time (weeks or months, potentially) spent on just anal play with fingers and toys and working up in size before ever trying to involve a penis. Good anal sex never hurts, and just feels amazing (especially with some sort of clit stimulation at the same time).

6. All tied up

Handcuffs or some type of restraints.

Have you ever fantasized about erotic bondage? Imagined yourself being lovingly tied up and then ravished? If so, you aren't alone. Bondage is one of the most common sexual fantasies for both men and women alike, and with good reason. Bondage is risky, dangerous, and really sexy.

You can enjoy all the thrills of more daring sex while minimizing the risk to your body and your relationship. If you follow this advice, you can have exciting erotic adventures without all the risk. The same goes for bondage: you can easily enjoy the thrills of erotic bondage without going to extremes.

Nothing like feeling no control whatsoever or having all absolute control in the situation during sex.

When you consent to being tied up by your lover, you're expressing complete trust. Nothing is more vulnerable than being restrained, unable to escape. To willingly choose this experience is a powerful expression of trust. Only play with erotic bondage with someone you trust completely; never try bondage on the first date.

Bondage is one of the many sexual experiences that gets better as you deepen trust over time. When you trust your lover so much that you can give yourself over to their touch, relaxing completely in your restraints, you can experience true physical vulnerability: a pure aphrodisiac.

7. Let’s all stand

It’s not exactly a sex move, but place your bed on appropriate sized risers so that standing positions are easy. Standing position is perfect for a quickie, this position is extremely lusty and passionate. Apart from that since the partners are face to face they can kiss and caress each other. This position also allows for greater clitoral stimulation and deeper penetration with all the different of penetration you can try.

8. Laughter is the best medicine

It's been said that we can't truly love another person if they don't laugh with us, or make us laugh. It makes sense — there are endless laughter benefits. Couples who laugh together have a stronger bond, and are able to overcome the stresses and conflicts in their relationship. Shared laughter with your significant other can improve your relationship in the most enjoyable way possible.

Laughter plays an extremely important role in our relationships from the initial attraction to long-term commitments. Humor is the number one quality people look for in choosing a partner, and can be an effective way to attract another person. Hilarious is the new hot.

Humor is a great way to eliminate any awkwardness or embarrassment that can happen during a first date. You can tell a lot about a person by what they think is funny. If your date thinks it's hilarious to do stupid card tricks with the bartender, and his doing so just makes you cringe, you now have a clear sign that the two of you won't ever be compatible, and you'll know to cut your losses right away.

Laughing, giggling and guffawing with your partner increases happiness —not just in your own life, but in the life you share together. Laughter costs nothing, and yet the benefits are massive. Just hearing a person laugh can put you in a good mood. Injecting a little humor into your relationship will help it to thrive, and survive.

Laughing! My partner and I have so much fun in bed!

9. Color it red

Spank her or let yourself a good spanking! There's no harm in trying, or maybe there is ;-)

One benefit of kink is the release of endorphins, which come on hard and fast after a good spanking. (Or any kind of pain, according to the Novosibirsk Institute of Medicine). Ever had that glowy, happy feeling after a good spanking? (If not, maybe you should give it a try!) That’s what endorphins do.

Being spanked, especially when things get intense.

10. Booze and Pizza

A lot of couples find it both very sexy and tempting when drunk and trying to have sex. There might be a great connection between booze and pizza and sex.

As many of us are aware, alcohol often plays a significant role in sexual encounters and the moments that lead up to them. Research has found that a few drinks can make people feel more at ease, more attracted to others, and even feel more attractive themselves. However, alcohol use with sex — as with pretty much everything — can have major downsides. It often skews perceptions of desire, decreases sexual performance, and puts a serious damper on satisfaction.

Getting drunk, fucking, then ordering pizza and eating it in bed. Yeah, the sequence is in there, all you need is to follow it!

11. Quadruple action

Same-room play with another couple. It gives a great perspective on everything, it’s super fun, can lead to good friendships, and promotes a lot of communication before, during, and after.
Why sleep with other people when you’re in a committed relationship? Well, it can be fun and it can be interesting. Also, we found it can really pull you together as a couple because it means you have to really communicate with each other and yourselves about what you most want and need, and what you need to do to make your partner feel safe and secure.

12. Let’s toss the salad!

The act of analingus, commonly referred to as 'rimming,' or 'tossing the salad,' involves contact between the mouth, lips or tongue of one person, and the anus or perineum (space between the ass and genitals) of another. It is practiced privately by all sexual orientations and genders, but some still consider it to be taboo, dirty or even homoerotic, so it's rarely discussed openly or admitted to in public.

Licking ass is incredible, both for giver and receiver.

13. Good vibration

Vibrators for women can allow one to perform sexual acts that may be difficult to sustain for long periods of time. There is, of course, the obvious issue that many men find a challenge in that they may reach orgasm more quickly than their female partner and then are unable to continue with using their erect penis to pleasure her. Vibrator use allows him to stimulate her quickly in the beginning to the point of orgasm so that she is already sated before he climaxes, or after he does. This way she will always feel equally satisfied.

Sex often requires precarious positions and repetitive motion that can cause major fatigue in your fingers, hands, neck, back, legs or mouth. Vibrators for women allow continued pleasuring with less work and effort. Further, vibrators use can allow sexual release for those with partners who have disabilities that keep them from normal sexual performance.

Timing isn’t an issue with vibrators: For women who are tired of getting turned down when they’re feeling amorous, vibrator use can be a wonderful thing!

Orgasms release stress and tension, and that’s a scientifically proven fact. They can be a pleasant way to start the day or a great remedy for a sleepless night. Vibrators for women can provide orgasms any time of the night or day!

Bring a vibrator to use in conjunction with PIV sex.

14. The world of stimulation

Manual stimulation is often something that only happens in the early days of a relationship, before oral and penetrative sex enter the scene. However, the hands can be used to pleasure a woman in wonderfully satisfying ways. Manual play is safe play as there's no fluid exchange (assuming you don't have cuts on your hands - if you do, wear latex gloves) so it's a great way to learn about your lover's body.

Experiment with different techniques, speeds and pressures to see what works best, but remember to start gently and work your way up - the clitoris can be highly sensitive.

Using your fingers on a woman isn't just part of foreplay. It can be a wonderful way to show her how much you love pleasuring her; an easy way to thrill her when you're not in the mood; and can also come in handy if you 'finish first' during sex and don't want to leave her high and dry: a handy way to play.

The clitoris extends far further than the small 'button' most people assume it to be and can be stimulated by cupping the pubic mound and gently rocking your hand.

Spreading the labia with one hand, with the heel of your hand on the clitoris, using fingers from the other hand for penetration.

Sliding your fingers in a V-shape up and down the clitoris.
Tapping the soft pad of your fingers over the pubic mound and clitoris.
Swirling your fingertips around the clitoris in ever-decreasing circles.

It’s like a second clitoris. With changing rhythm, you can tickle her feet and kiss lick suck them. She'll go crazy.

15. Light choking

You’d be very careful exploring this kind of experiment, you might not know how light is light. It might end up horribly.

Women enjoy being choked during sex. It turns them on and gives them more powerful orgasms. But as a man you have to know the right way to choke a woman. Try these rough sex techniques in and outside of the bedroom and you will have a much better sex life. (P.S. Don’t forget to use sex pillows to get deeper penetration during sex.)

Choking works because it’s a show of dominance. More than anything a woman wants an alpha male.

All those who would deny reality need only look at sales figures for Fifty Shades of Grey. (“The series has sold over 90 million copies worldwide and been translated into 52 languages, and set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time.”)

UPDATE: 50 Shades of Grey, as of this writing, has now sold over 100 million copies. The book was adapted into a movie, and the movie trailer for 50 Shades was the most-watched trailer of all time.

The number one sexual fantasy have is a rape fantasy. Nearly 40% of women have a rape fantasy. Several sex therapists and psychologists have studied this phenomena:

According to sex therapists and psychologists from 1973 through 2008, nine surveys of women’s rape fantasies have been published. They show that about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent) with a median frequency of about once a month. Actual prevalence of rape fantasies is probably higher because women may not feel comfortable admitting them.

You’d be surprised how quickly it can bring her into a sexual state of mind and how masculine you can look/feel from doing it.

16. Let’s talk about it

Well, what more can we say about this, it’s just relaxing and fun having a conversation with your partner regarding everything. One should practice when to talk and when to listen though, it’s a very healthy thing to do for couples.

Talking and listening with each other relaxes the mood and eventually goes to having sex!

17. Bondage

For grown-ups, bondage is an erotic activity with endless possibilities. It seems to transcend categories: You don't need to be into BDSM to have tied up a lover or been tied up during sex. Self-described kinky and non-kinky folks alike incorporate different types of bondage into their sex play. If you've ever held down your lover's hands while you were fucking her or pinned him down to the bed with your body, then you've practiced a form of bondage. That's one of the bonuses of bondage: You can do it without any fancy equipment, and you can use whatever's nearby—a silk scarf, a pair of suspenders, panty hose.

One individual who’s fond of bondage thinks that one of the reasons bondage is so popular is that it's incredibly versatile. It can cover lots of physical and emotional territory, from sensual teasing to sadistic torment and everything in between. It's an ideal vehicle to explore explicit power dynamics, since restraining someone embodies dominance, control, power, and authority. And being restrained is a way to submit, surrender, and give oneself over to another. Bondage can also be incredibly challenging, physically and psychologically, for both partners. The top must create the ritual, calculate and execute the design, and even use physics (to make a safe and successful suspension, for example). The bottom must endure what may feel like an impossible circumstance for her body, let go of her fear, embrace her powerlessness, and trust her partner.

A little less control can mean a whole new world of fun.

18. Eating her out

Giving cunnilingus with the girl on her hands and knees, and just totally immersing your whole mouth and face into her vulva and asshole.

The truth is, doing this tasty and scintillating favor to your gal is quite easy and not at all as miserable as you may have been lead to believe. And boy will she love you for it! Oral sex is not only pleasurable, it’s an excellent choice of foreplay. It gets a girl turned on quickly and generates a natural lubrication that will make for easier access during actual intercourse because her pussy is now wet and the muscles are relaxed and open for business.

Before diving into action, it is important to know that not all pussies are the same – there are lots of different types of pussies – size, color, shapes. Some are plump, some are folded inside, some are just luscious, some are pink, others mocha, others have thick lips called the labia, others have thin lips while others have the clitoris sticking out and the others just guarded together by the other labia.

Any person who likes to lick a girl’s or woman’s pussy is always remembered by his or her sexual partner. Nothing can come close to the pleasure and the sensation felt by any girl or woman during foreplay than her clitoris being licked and eaten.

Once that earth shattering orgasm is reached, your lady will most likely be panting with delight and hungry for some more serious loving.

Now, that's what I call a sex life!?! You should have yours, remember that life is so short ;-)


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