Age is Nothing But a Number According to an 80-Year-Old Body Builder

Each time I face the mirror, as I see the same me almost everyday, not to mention that I think I’m getting old and getting out of shape, I should look for a great motivator to push myself to work out. I am not getting any younger, and getting in shape is such a challenge for me as the years goes by.

Surfing the net have landed me into an article quite inspirational. Well, I think I can get motivated from a woman ;-)

One of the world’s oldest female body builders, Ernestine Shepherd, just gained another year in what she’s called her “long happy journey” of life. She is now on her 80th year. She is a fitness trainer, model, competitive body builder, and new author. She celebrated her June 16 birthday with a Facebook post declaring her continued determination, dedication, and discipline. “I am 80 years young today and I thank God for bringing me this far. I’m still determined, I’m still dedicated and I’m still disciplined to be fit!” Shepherd wrote, inspiring more 18,000 likes of encouragement.

Shepherd began to publicly share the story of how she came to live a life of tenacity and perseverance beginning at the age of 56 after being named the oldest female body builder by the Guinness Book of World Records in both 2010 and 2011.

As tragic as it is, her sister died suddenly from a brain aneurysm, this is what started as a modest curiosity about working out turned into a life-changing route to happiness, she told HooplaHa. Shepherd developed a following and a legacy admired by people of all ages in their attempt to fulfill the fitness goals Shepherd had created with her late sister.

Shepherd had released a book The “Ageless” Journey of Ernestine Shepherd. She celebrated her great success with the release of the said book. It will be released to the public earlier June of 2016, it details the keys to her motivation, including:

1. “Age is nothing but a number.” In addition to her mantra, “Determined, dedicated, disciplined to be fit,” Shepherd believes that “being out of shape as we age truly is merely an option – NOT a mandate!”

2. Eat clean. Shepherd sticks to a daily diet of 1,700 calories, which includes egg whites, chicken and vegetables.

3. Do the same workout every day. In an interview with Oprah, Shepherd revealed, “I do the same thing day in and day out.” This daily routine includes a workout that begins at 3 or 4am with a 10-mile run.

4. Find what you like to do. The fitness trainer teaches classes of her own, but encourages people to exercise in whichever way they like. “Not everybody wants to be a body builder, not everybody wants to be a runner. But find what you like to do,” she told Oprah.

5. Have something that motivates you. Although Shepherd finds strength in prayer, she says she owes most of her motivation to her late sister.

According to, a website that is a trusted guide to mental, emotional & social health, starting or maintaining a regular exercise routine can be a challenge as you get older. You may feel discouraged by illness, ongoing health problems, or concerns about injuries or falls. Or, if you've never exercised before, you may not know where to begin. Or perhaps you think you're too old or frail, or that exercise is boring or simply not for you.

While these may seem like good reasons to slow down and take it easy as you age, they're actually even better reasons to get moving. Exercise can energize your mood, relieve stress, help you manage symptoms of illness and pain, and improve your overall sense of well-being. In fact, exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic, and healthy as you get older. And it can even be fun, too, especially if you find like-minded people to exercise with.

No matter your age or your current physical condition, you can benefit from exercise. Reaping the rewards of exercise doesn’t have to involve strenuous workouts or trips to the gym. It’s about adding more movement and activity to your life, even in small ways. Whether you are generally healthy or are managing an illness—even if you’re housebound—there are many easy ways to get your body moving and improve your health and outlook.

There are a lot of benefit into indulging in any body exercise, hope that this article will motivate everyone to take time to stretch those muscles and burn fats.


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