Time Travel Is Real According To Ancient Statue

Einstein’s theory of relativity and Time Travel, is it for real? Can someone prove that? Or at least something in the past that could validate that time travel is possible?

I have been searching for possible answers well, God knows how long and it really tickles my curiosity. I have been watching a lot of documentaries about the topic and I find it amusing rather than informative.

One article though I found on the Internet claims that somehow, could be an evidence that time travel is indeed possible and it has been done a very long time ago.

The statue, ‘Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant’ is in The J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California.

Title: Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Culture:   East Greek
Place: (Delos?), East Greece (Place created)
Date: about 100 B.C.
Medium: Marble
Dimensions: 94.6 × 120.7 × 21.6 cm (37 1/4 × 47 1/2 × 8 1/2 in.)

Lounging in a cushioned armchair, a woman reaches out to touch the lid of a shallow chest held by a servant girl on this funerary relief. The depiction of the deceased reaching out for an item held by a servant has a long history in Greek funerary art and probably alludes to the hope of continuing earthly pleasures in the afterlife. The dead woman must have come from a prominent and wealthy family. Numerous elements on the relief signal her high status, as do the scale and overall quality of the work. She wears snake-bracelets, presumably gold, on her upper and lower arms. Her elaborate chair has a turned leg decorated with lions' paws and an eagle arm-support. Also the clothes and hairstyle of the attendant characterize the young girl as a slave. 

This relief has been substantially altered over the years. Originally, it took the form of a shallow naiskos, or three-sided grave monument, but three elements have been cut away: an architectural top portion, probably in the form of a pediment; the left side wall; and a lower portion that probably had an inscription. These alterations may have occurred in 1770 when the relief became part of the collection of Lord Lansdowne and was hung over a door in his London house.

This is a statue showing a young girl holding up what appears to be a laptop - complete with USB ports. It has sparked frenzy among conspiracy theorists.

‘I am not saying that this is depicting an ancient laptop computer,’ said YouTuber StillSpeakingOut.

‘But when I look at the sculpture I can’t help but think about the Oracle of Delphi, which was supposed to allow the priests to connect with the gods to retrieve advanced information and various aspects.’

In the gallery’s description, the object is described as a ‘shallow chest’ - but conspiracy theorists are having none of that.

StillSpeakingOut says it, ‘depicts an astonishing object which bears a striking resemblance with a modern laptop or some hand-held device.’

These conspiracy theorists picked out a lot of strange image to prove their point. This is just one of many seemingly anachronistic objects they use. You can see below a moment in a Charlie Chaplin film where someone appears to be using a mobile phone.

There were more than enough evidence to prove that time travel really exists. Maybe, just maybe, the ‘people concerned’ are just trying to hide these from all of us. Well, on the other hand, this might also be just a fruit of our vast imagination.

Until I see one personally, I can’t really comment or speculate on the matter ;-)


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