Justin Bieber Found A Mystery Girl on Instagram

In the Online world, you can be really famous in a ridiculously short span of time. You just have to try posting as much video as you can and hope people will notice it.

If you’re that lucky, well we can put some talent along with it, and some funny and awkward moments, then pronto, you can be famous!!!

Come 10th of December 2015, the Internet was freaking out about a real-live Instagram Cinderella story, starring Justin Bieber as Prince Charming. Here’s what happened: Bieber found this girl’s photo, was quite taken with the snap and wanted to know who the fair damsel in question, you know, was.

Instagram users quickly helped identify the lady in question as Cindy Kimberly, an Instagram user whose following increased to 230K as the Internet caught word that the mystery had been solved and the girl had been found . As of this writing, there are approximately 300 million users of Instagram, a real place to be famous, if you know what we mean ;-)

If you were in Cindy’s shoes, what would you do? Can you handle the spotlight?

A day after,Cindy posted a Instagram of a pale pink square, which we guess she’s leaving open to interpretation, with the statement “I so do not know how to deal with this.” She also explained that she’s just on Instagram right now, implying that anyone pretending to be her on Twitter and Tumblr is doing just that- pretending. Though if you go on Insta, there are already a number of accounts pretending to by Cindy- so FYI, WolfieCindy is the real deal, all others are impostors. These impostors will really ruin it all ;-)

This incident is really overwhelming. Not to mention it is “Justin Bieber”, will it be fans or bashers, still it’s a lot of people. It’s a crazy thing to all of a sudden have hundreds of thousands of people putting you under the microscope.

Though as stressful as it is, it will come a time when this is all settles down, this will transform into the raddest of fairy tale memories. And “Cindy Kimberly” is famous.


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