Signatures: What It Reveals About You

Conscious or not, we tend to practice how to make our signatures during our first days in school. A lot of us maybe have copied how our parents sign their signatures, we’ll I’m guilty doing that making my own excuse letter each time I didn’t report to class. That’s another story…

What is a signature as a definition? Let’s ask the famous Wiki then ;-) A signature, came from Latin word signare, which means "to sign" is a handwritten (and often stylized) depiction of someone's name, nickname, or even a simple "X" or other mark that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. The writer of a signature is a signatory or signer. Similar to a handwritten signature, a signature work describes the work as readily identifying its creator. A signature may be confused with an autograph, which is chiefly an artistic signature. This can lead to confusion when people have both an autograph and signature and as such some people in the public eye keep their signatures private whilst fully publishing their autograph.

Okay, moving on, we should be talking about the significance of a signature to us being a person. Yes, those signatures will tell something about you as a person. Let’s break it down one by one ;-).

Let’s talk first how you write the first two letters compared to the last two of your signature. Break it down into two parts; this will signify two parts of your life. If a person writes the first two letters of his signature clearly, it has been said that he has spent the first half of his life well. And if you find the last letters of his signature unreadable, small and unclear, needless to say, the 2nd half of his life was being spent with a great challenge, he might have great difficulties during those times. Some people say that these kinds of people always rushes it, they can’t wait to see things and want to see the end.

If a signature is written vertically in such a way that you can read it, it has been said that the owner of such signature has a criminal mind. Also, they put or add more point in their signature.

Okay these ones are those who are so ambitious, they can even put their relationships aside just to complete their goals. They can vision a lot of dreams but they take a lot of time to implement it.

People who start their signature on a Capital letter, then everything else on a lower case yet clear and beautiful, as if it doesn’t look like a signature but rather a handwritten italics-like stroke, these people have the capacity to achieve their desired goals. They are always ready to help others. They can make progress though slowly, but surely and steadily. They are reliable.

Have you seen someone who makes their signature without moving the pen much? These people are controversial, they keep secrets, and they are clever and mysterious. Never ask them their thoughts about success, they are not sharing. Good for them!!!

Can you recognize any signature below? These are some of the great signatures of few Elite and famous persons in their own era ;-)

So, how are you making your signatures? Have you find yourself on the list? Are you trying to change the way you sign now? There are still a lot of explanations all about yourself as a person linking on how you make your signature. Some of them are “Feng Shui” based. Well, that’s another story…


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