10 Most Innovative Cars

When I was younger, probably around 10, I’m so amazed on a car that’s look different from any other. I’m always dreaming on a day that I drive a sport’s car on broad daylight in a real race track!!!

Kidding aside, that’s not we’ll be talking here. Let’s see the 10 most innovative cars of 2015 ;-)

Car manufacturers are being forced to come up with innovative new cars with more and more competition in the marketplace. This is a great challenge for each one of them. Improving economy and emissions are a big priority these days, and buyers are continually demanding more space, safety and practicality from their purchases. From what country I am now, we are looking for Fuel Economy as fuel prices are very high these days.A lot of interesting innovation this year, there's even innovation on producing incredible value cars like the Dacia Duster.

Car manufacturers have to innovate with new ways of powering their cars with hybrid cars becoming more and more common. To attract buyers in today's climate of economic and environmental change, cars like the range-extending Vauxhall Ampera and Chevrolet Volt are starting to appear.

Ford B-MAX mini MPV

The mini-MPV design of the Ford B-MAX is not particularly new, but the way it has been developed and produced is truly groundbreaking. The central B-pillar, which usually divides the front and rear doorways, has been removed completely and the B-MAX uses sliding rear door. This means the spacious interior is easily accessible for anyone. As a result, the B-MAX is by far the most practical car in its class.

Vauxhall Ampera hatchback

With hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius becoming more and more common on the roads, it become harder to innovate with hybrid technology. The Vauxhall Ampera does just that, combining the incredible economy of an electric car with the range of a petrol-powered one. The Ampera can run for 50 miles on electric power alone, before the petrol motor kicks in to recharge the battery. You can also recharge it from home with a normal plug.

Dacia Duster compact SUV

The Dacia Duster is a very inventive car – not because it’s packed with new technology, but rather because it offers loads of SUV features for an incredibly low price. For the price of a Ford Fiesta you can have a proper off-road SUV, and although it’s clear this is a budget car it’s not lacking build quality or practicality. The Duster sets a new bar for value cars.

Mercedes S-Class saloon

Unlike some of the cars on this list, the Mercedes S-Class innovates with an incredible range of technology and equipment. It’s one of the most comfortable cars in the world thanks to a clever new suspension that adapts to the road ahead, and one of the safest too thanks to a host of active protection gadgets. These include lane departure warnings, automatic braking and a camera that can spot pedestrians in the dark.

Toyota Prius+ mini MPV
If you need seven seats but don’t want to pay hefty fuel and tax bills, the Toyota Prius+ could be the MPV for you. It’s the first hybrid seven-seater on the market, and thanks to the low emissions road tax is completely free. It’s not the best car for driving on the motorway unless you go for the diesel model, but for short trips and city driving this car sets new standard for efficiency in the larger MPV class.

Renault ZOE hatchback

The Renault ZOE steps away from the traditional engine completely in favour of an all-electric system. There are no fuel bills in sight, only electricity ones from charging at home, and the range is 100 miles. That’s not nearly as far as a normal car but should be fine for city driving, which the ZOE excels at. It’s well equipped and quiet too, and although it’s hardly cheap to buy it does cost less than some of its rivals.

Volvo V40 hatchback

According to the Euro NCAP crash safety tests, the Volvo V40 is the safest car on the road. It’s full of neat equipment to protect both occupants and pedestrians, including the world’s first outside airbag. For a relatively small hatchback the huge steps forward in safety make the V40 a very innovative car indeed.

Toyota GT 86 coupe

The Toyota GT 86 is another car that innovates by going back to basics. It’s light, agile and most of all really fun to drive, thanks to its rear-wheel drive and compact set-up. It’s not often that sports cars are considered good value, but for this much fun Toyota’s little sports car is a bargain for keen drivers.

Skoda Octavia estate

The Skoda Octavia estate does what so many car strive for – it combines practicality, reliability, economy and value for money. It’s got the biggest boot in its class, and is really well built – but it’s really cheap to buy, as well. Skoda’s best innovation is with value for money, and the Octavia estate really does offer loads of car for not much money.

Nissan Note mini MPV

Despite being a small car, the Nissan Note has 1,465 litres of boot space with the rear seats down. That’s even more than the much larger Skoda Octavia estate – the load space in the Note is incredible for such a small and economical car. The rear legroom is impressive, too, so if you’re after a lot of rear space in a compact package the new Nissan Note is well worth a look.

Driving around the city with an Ashton Martin is indeed a great dream for me. Well, personally, I don't really want to indulge myself into luxury cars. Though just for an argument's sake, I'd want to drive with great speed.


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