How to Extract Gold from Electronics Using Household Materials

You have read the title right folks; on this article we will learn how to extract GOLD from your electronic junks just using common household chemicals. First, what you'll going to do is collect as much electronic junks as you can from your friends, neighbors or just simply from anyone! You need not to be a super genius to accomplish this as this is not rocket science. Just remember and always bear in mind the phrase "SAFETY FIRST" as you'll be handling hazardous materials ;-)

You might be needing goggles, gloves, simple face mask and the likes, and perform this experiment on a well-ventilated area or as much as possible, in an open space.

Prepare the following:

Hydrochloric Acid
Hydrogen Peroxide
PCB Boards

A lot of toilet bowl cleaners have Hydrochloric acid; you can use them if you can’t purchase HCL Acid from a nearby store. Hydrogen Peroxide on the other hand is easy.

If you have the materials needed, you can now start the experiment ;-)

Break those PCB boards where you can place them in a small container. Wash them thoroughly though in running water and wipe them dry.

Mix in equal parts of Hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide until the PCB is completely submerged.

That solution is called an etching solution because the solution made above dissolves the nickel and copper under the gold as a result; the gold foils are detached from the nickel and copper because it has been dissolved.

If you intend to keep the solution outdoors, keep a lid on it to avoid the contaminants to mix with the solution.

Wait for it until all the nickel and copper have been dissolved. It usually takes days. Then, you will notice some materials floating in the solution, that’s the gold you’ve been waiting for!

Filter the solution to separate the gold from the mixture, just by using a simple filter paper. Then there it is, your precious gold! Cool right? You'll gonna be rich!

Enjoy while it lasts!


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