Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Stamp Issued by PHLPost

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) have issued stamps to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary (100 years) of Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines.

Postmaster General Josefina Dela Cruz have presented the Centennial Commemorative Stamps to Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo last May 10 at the Iglesia ni Cristo Central Temple in Quezon City.

Brother Felix Y. Manalo, the first executive minister, founded the Iglesia ni Cristo on July 27, 1914 in Punta, Sta. Ana Manila.

Just for a brief history, according to Wiki, Iglesia ni Cristo pronounced [ɪˈgleʃɐ ni ˈkɾisto] (English: Church of Christ; abbreviated as INC) is a Christian denomination religion that originated in the Philippines in 1914 under founder Felix Manalo, who become the first executive minister. The Iglesia ni Cristo had become a nation-wide church by the time of his death in 1963 with 1,250 local chapels, and 35 large concrete cathedrals. His son Eraño Manalo became the next church leader and lead a campaign to grow and internationalize the church until his death on August 31, 2009, whereupon his son, Eduardo V. Manalo, succeeded him as executive minister. The Philippine census by the National Statistics Office found that 2.3 percent of the population in the Philippines are affiliated with the Iglesia ni Cristo by the year  2000, making it the third largest religious denomination in the Philippines after the Roman Catholic Church (80.9%) and Islam (5.0%), respectively.

The Iglesia ni Cristo proclaims itself to be the one true church and claims that it is the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus and that all other Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic Church, are apostates. INC doctrines cite that the official registration of the church with the Philippine government on July 27, 1914, by Felix Y. Manalo who is referred to as the last messenger of God. Believers consider the church to be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy of the first church being reestablished in the Far East and the coming of the Seventh seal marking the end of days.

INC holds religious gatherings called evangelical missions regularly which aim to attract more followers.

INC's latest achievement is, among many others, the World's largest dome, The Philippine Arena. The Philippine Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena at Ciudad de Victoria, a 75-hectare tourism enterprise zone in Bocaue and Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines.

On the other hand, the postage stamp features its founder, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo (1886-1963), the logo of the INC centennial anniversary, and its sprawling Central Temple at the background located in Quezon City. The stamp is in black and white (monochromatic), except for the centennial logo, providing a nostalgic view of the INC from past to present.

A regular stamp measures 40 mm x 30mm. This is the first time that PhlPost will issue a bigger stamp measuring 50 mm x 35 mm in size.

The phenomenal growth of Iglesia ni Cristo was attributed to its founder, Brother Felix, his wife Honorata and children who had continued his legacy in serving God and the Church.

From a handful of believers gathered in its pioneering years to the millions now scattered across the country and in many parts of the world are indications of a vibrant faith – a living testament to the spiritual leadership of Bro. Felix which passes on to his son Eraño and grandson Eduardo, the current Executive Minister.

“We are proud to issue the centennial commemorative stamps of Iglesia ni Cristo and to Bro. Felix, its first Executive Minister whose adherence to the teachings of the Bible and untiring care for the Church members is remarkable”, said Postmaster General Josefina Dela Cruz.

The stamp’s layout was provided by Vic Serevo while it was designed by Bro. Bienvenido Santiago, Jr. of Iglesia ni Crist. PHLPost has produced 1.2 million pieces of P10 denomination of the stamps. The commemorative stamp will be sold starting May 09, 2014 at the Manila Central Post Office in Liwasang Bonifacio.

Both excited and proud, please let us know if you have acquired one ;-)


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