Keyboard Shortcuts To Browse The Net Faster

Yes, I hear you! Though it’s quite fast to use a mouse, there’s still faster way to browse the net using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are 60% faster than using a mouse, that’s according to productivity experts.

Okay then, let’s get to it! Here are top five shortcuts that work in all the major browsers namely: Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Careful though, while these tricks work in all browsers, on a Mac, you may need to use the Command key instead of Control.

1st Shortcut: Move Quickly Between Tabs

There were times that you are browsing through the net with different browsers right? If you need to move between multiple web pages, working in multiple tabs is faster than multiple windows. Why? Because Control-Tab lets you fly through all your tabs. The thing is, you can easily choose any task by pressing Control-Tab, trust me on this!

2nd Shortcut: Reopening a Tab You Just Closed

Sometimes you’re moving so fast online that you accidentally close a tab. You have opened so many windows where there’s littlest room for all of them, then you wanted to visit one window you’ve opened a while ago but accidentally closed it, wow, that can be frustrating, particularly if the page you just closed had some crazy, hard-to-remember URL. Fear not. Control-Shift-T reopens the last closed tab. I wonder what site you always accidentally closed when someone came all of a sudden!

3rd Shortcut: Zooming In

Then again, what would you probably want to zoom in this time! Hmmm… Perhaps you want to see some detail on a webpage more clearly? Ow you can’t read as the font is too small? No problem. To zoom in, hit Control and the plus key (if your keyboard has the + sign on the same key as the = sign, you do not need to hit Shift as well). To zoom out, use Control and the minus key.

4th Shortcut: Better than Scrolling

Sometimes you get to a really long web page, and you want to scroll, but using a mouse or the scroll bar on the right side of the browser frame can be tedious. Instead, try the Spacebar. Every time you hit it, the web page will scroll down one frame. To move one frame up on the page, use Shift and Spacebar. 

5th Shortcut: Fast Find

I always encounter this everytime I try to edit something from HTML. If you don’t want to wade through the whole page to find what you’re looking for, use the Control-F shortcut. It opens a little search bar at the top of the browser window. Type in the keyword you’re looking for, and it will list how many times it appears on the page. Then click on the arrow to the right of that new search box, and the page will advance to the next point at which that keyword appears. Then that instant, you’ll knew these shortcuts are of great help.


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