NBA Star Yao Ming Looked Down on Manny Pacquiao

Due time, the tense between China and The Philippines seems to be increasing exponentially because of some territorial disputes. As of the latest news, the Republic of the Philippines files a dialogue between two countries before the United Nations.

One time during the Manny Pacquiao - Brandon Rios media tour in China, a certain man looked down on the Philippine superhero Manny Pacquiao. That man is nontheless, NBA Star You Ming! He literraly looked down on Manny Pacquiao! Can you imagine a 7-foot-6-inches Yao Ming meets 5-foot-7-inches Manny Pacquiao.

If you think that Yao Ming is out of the radar, think again! That former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming is 7-foot-6! Quite tall for a human, yes we all agree on that, but the degree to which we recognize and are awestruck by his height has increased significantly following his retirement from the NBA after the 2010-11 season. 

Internet users have marveled at photographic evidence that he is taller/bigger than a wide variety of people and things since Yao hung up his size 18s. Including (but not limited to) figure skater Michelle Kwan, a rhinoceros, a baby elephant, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, politicians at the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio, a waitress and all of the other great big men in Rockets history. Yes, we can't deny that everytime we see a photo with Yao Ming, it's always looks fake! Though we all know that after carefully examining the photo, it is always genuine, he really is that tall.

Just look at that photo, the two boxing superstars really seems happy and amazed on how tall Yao Ming is ;-)
If you find yourself wondering, Pacquiao is listed at 5-foot-7, while Rios — whose two fights against Mike Alvarado, while I'd never claim to be a boxing expert, are two of the best things I have watched in the past year — is listed at 5-foot-8. Yao is nearly two feet taller than both of them, it is like Manny Pacquiao holding a 3-year old kid above his head!

Both Manny and Brandon met Yao Ming in China during a promotional trip to encourage people around the world to watch their fight and promote their Nov. 24 pay-per-view battle which will be held in Macau. (This might be due to a much higher taxes being paid when their fight is held in Vegas) It is good that they will be punching an opponent of roughly even size, rather than one of Yao's stature, because that would be a real "Little Mac" type of situation. If Yao Ming will watch the fight live, there's no confirmation yet but, if he decided to be in attendance, we'll sure spot him right away, if you know what I mean!

After loosing two fights in a row, with Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez consecutively, we hope that Manny will regain his reputaion this time. We really hope he win this fight!


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