"Internal Organ Extractors" Strikes Again in Cagayan De Oro

Last Monday, November 21, 2011, two students escaped from abductors and claimed they have witnessed the suspects extracting internal organs of two other students inside a hut in a village located somewhere in Cagayan De Oro.

Not revealing their real names, nine-year-old Anna and 13-year-old Mary said five men wearing bonnets, one of whom is a foreigner, kidnapped and dragged them onboard a black van while on their way to school in Zone 7 Mahayahay, Barangay Bayabas on Monday.

They also saw two other students while inside the van, who were wearing the same uniforms and were sleeping.

Anna is enrolled at the Bayabas Elementary School while Mary is a first year student of Bayabas National High School.

The two students claims that the suspects brought them to a hut in Barangay Camaman-an near a relocation site in Bolonsiri after the suspects covered their mouth with handkerchiefs.

While inside the hut in Camaman-an, the suspects allegedly operated on the two other students and extracted their internal organs.

Mary said she saw the suspects injected something on the two students and incised their abdomen. Later, she said some of their organs were extracted.

Mary claimed that, “They extracted the heart, two kidneys and eyes of the students”.

Inside the van, Mary added that she saw a mini refrigerator or cooler.

Mary also added that, “We were able to escape when we saw the suspects leaving the area. Then we sought help from the residents”.

The police immediately went to the area after the students with their parents reported the incident.

The police said they cannot verify if there was really an extraction of internal organs since no traces of blood stain or any evidence were seen inside the hut, according to Police Senior Inspector Ariel I. Pontillas, station commander of Police Station 1 in Divisoria.

But he said he talked to a man who saw the two students running away from the hut. The man said the hut’s caretaker was not around during the incident.

Pontillas said the students insisted on what they saw and were consistent in their statement on the alleged abduction. Further investigation on the incident is ongoing.

According to Pontillas, “We have not received any report of missing individuals but we have already coordinated with the Police Station 4 in Carmen. I am 85 percent convinced that there is abduction but because no traces of blood were seen in the area, maybe the children might have forgot it, although some residents and candle vendors verified that a van was seen in the area”.

Pontillas added he will recommend a heightened security in schools.

“Whether the incident is true or not, this is alarming,” he added.

In August this year, text messages circulated in Cagayan de Oro and nearby areas that men on board two vehicles are out on a kidnapping spree.

The text messages said a black Fortuner bearing plate number KDD-445 and black car with plate number JDT-888 are loaded with suspected kidnappers preying on children. The kidnappers reportedly remove the victims' eyes, kidneys and hearts and sell them.

But police said that based on information from the Land Transportation Office, the black car is a Hyundai sedan registered under the name of a private person in Bonifacio Street, San Dionisio, ParaƱaque, while the other one is not a black Fortuner but a canter Isuzu truck with an extended drop side that is registered in Cagayan de Oro.

Obviously, the earlier reported kidnapping on different areas within Metro Manila is far from over. Maybe due to heightened alert in Metro areas, they fled into some provinces to continue their dirty works.

Please be more cautious and vigilant and pay more extra attention within your surroundings. Better yet, inform your children regarding this matter, not to induce fear in them but rather educate them to protect themselves.


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