2 Year Old Child Ran Over Twice in China

It's all over the news, a video was uploaded in the internet showing a child was ran over by two vehicles and ignored by civilians. The video were taken from their local CCTV. It took a while before a concerned citizen rush the poor child into the hospital but unfortunately, the child was declared brain dead.

When the video was presented to the media, there were a lot of questions, actually a lot of so angry questions were thrown. First, why does the first vehicle didn't stop when obviously, the driver noticed that he might have hit something? Why does the second vehicle didn't manage to stop knowing that there was a bloody child lying on the road? Why does the heartless passerby ignored the kid and seems to be of no care whatsoever? Why does the parents leave their child unattended like that loitering on the road considering that the child is only 2 years old? Finally, does Chinese people have no sense of humane responsibility?

This video is probably the most disturbing ever as far as being humane is concerned. It ignites a public uproar and a lot of people are calling this the immorality of modern society.

The accident happened last Thursday, October 13 around 5:30 in the afternoon. After the vehicle hit the child another one came in and for me, intentionally hit the bleeding child. Both of them fled the scene. There were around 7 minutes passed and not even one care to reach a hand or even call the police or an ambulance. Until one of them voluntarily did something. An older woman, a garbage scavenger carried the 'noodle-like' body of the 2-year old child. The mother happened to be at the vicinity was shocked but they managed to bring the child into the nearest hospital.

According to reports, there were 18 passengers who ignored the bleeding child on the side of the road.

Upon investigation, the police department have apprehended the driver of the second vehicle. They're still searching for the first one as they are having difficulty retrieving the plate number. They are questioning all possible witness as we speak. Police have confirmed firmly that they will surely arrest the first driver.

Unfortunately, as the news have announced it, the 2-year old child Yue Yue, which means little joy have passed away. She was brought to the hospital and declared brain dead but is showing stability at that time. She died early today, Friday October 21, as hospital told reporters that "all-out efforts were ineffective".

According to the reports from China, "Many people in China are hesitant to help people who appear to be in distress for fear that they will be blamed. High-profile lawsuits have ended with good Samaritans ordered to pay hefty fines to individuals they sought to help." Sad but true.


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  1. No Anger No grief no disbelief, no tears to cry don't ask why. We turn our heads from this Cosmic play even death will not have its day.laugh laugh laugh feel feel feel all the things that life has killed.a child lays apond the ground a automobile has knocked him down we walk by don't ask why No tears to cry.
    wrote by Debra Fazio Coe