10 Things To Consider To Enjoy a Better Life

1. Expect little, do more - it’s hard to put into practice initially, but when you strive to bring down your expectations and experience the happiness you get from doing things for the people you love, it becomes easier.

2. It’s better to walk away from an argument or a fight than to speak harsh words which you could regret later and which could lead to the destruction of valuable relationships.

3. People are more valuable than possessions – remember this the next time your child spills coffee inadvertently on your fancy shirt just as you’re leaving for work and you’re tempted to punish them for it.

4. Find the strength to remove yourself from relationships that are destructive and which leave you drained of all happiness and joy.

5. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for the people who really matter in your life.

6. If you have the chance to be the bigger person in any situation, don’t hesitate to be so. And while you’re at it, don’t expect accolades for giving in or expect the other person to acknowledge your sacrifice or the fact that you swallowed your ego to give in to their wishes.

7. Work is important, but family and friends are much more important – you can find another job, but when you destroy relationships, they can never go back to being what they were.

8. Live your life with some discipline – when you have some amount of self-control, you feel good about yourself.

9. Set examples for your children by leading a life that you want them to emulate – they become who they are because of you and your relationship with them.

10. And most important of all, don’t neglect to care for your soul; just as you eat healthy food and exercise to nourish your body, engage yourself in healthy activities, relationships and emotions nourish your soul.

Sometimes when we look back, just to reflect on our lives, we tend to realize how important the words that we've said, those things that we have done and those decisions that we have taken. It's never too late though, to correct some we believe we've made some mistakes. Mistakes that lead into hurting of others, especially our loved ones.

If you ask me, better life is a place where you spend your days with no guilt, envy or even pity. It's a place where you'll share everything you have to show hope, trust and love for one another...


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