The Metro Manila During Those Times

I was born and raised here in Manila, Philippines. That was way back the 70's, hey don't count the years yet, I'm not that old. I don't remember much how the city look like during those times. It took me maybe 10 years to remember what its like to be living in that era.

Manila is the capital of the country, if you'll come visit here you'll surely like the place. The heat is tremendous yet its manageable. The people are warm and we're always smiling even there's nothing to smile about. If you like what you see in Manila today, imagine how it looked like say 5 decades ago ;-)

Have you ever wonder what does Manila looks like during those times? Say the 50's, 60's or the 70's?

What do you think about the Pasig river? Is it that dirty back in time? Can you enjoy loitering around the park?

Well let's have a look what does Metro Manila looks like way back then.

Look at this, this photo was taken somewhere in the bridge when you came from Lawton going to Sta. Cruz, Manila. The traffic is not that heavy and the people walking around are, I should say well dressed. Those cars really looks great having its vintage looks.

There are a lot of people walking around and they are all well disciplined. There were no "lubaks" on the streets and the establishments are tremendous. I bet the theaters are great during those times ;-)

That's Lyric Theater back there, one of the distinguished theater house then. The people are well dressed and you can't barely see any litter on the street considering the place (Avenida today) is one of the busiest.

This is taken somewhere Villalobos and Carriedo. That Dencia's Kitchenette was really famous. Back then, you can enjoy eating mami at Php 1.50. Coca-Cola was sold at 10 centavos while 5 centavos for Sarsaparilla.

The great Pasig River. This was taken, imagine yourself standing at the Ayala bridge, just right after the Quiapo church, before you arrive at the Lawton you will see the river just like the way you see this, well the difference is vast if you know what I mean. The other bridge on the upper left corner was the Jones'. The river is very clean back then, just like what they have in Paris.

This is the aerial view of the Lawton. You can see at the upper right the popular Manila City Hall Giant Clock. The Manila is really beautiful place.

This is the well known Roxas Boulevard, back then it is known as Dewey Boulevard. The sea is clean and the "baywalk" is really a nice place to stroll. I bet the air smells good during those days.

This was taken somewhere at the Sta. Cruz area. That church is familiar in majority of us loitering around the vicinity. The people goes to church just fine and they were all well disciplined not to litter on the sidewalks.

The famous Avenida. Where the people goes there to enjoy watching movie and shop for about almost anything. Nowadays, Avenida is famous for say, pick pockets, sex toys and of course, the hookers. Don't get me wrong here people, I just write what I saw ;-) No of course not, it doesn't come with experience, if you know what I mean.

Picture above was taken at the Ayala Avenue in Makati. The Business district was really clean, the pollution is minimal if there's any. The streets are clean with no litter of any kind, and the traffic was great. There were no bumper to bumper scene during the peak and rush hours.

The Fort Santiago back in the days were being visited by the foreign children. They want to know the history perhaps ;-) There were no vendors loitering and the place is clean, except for that hose, I don't have no idea what business it got there. That kid wearing white polo just behind the kid in the red shirt is not Jose Rizal, just if you mind me asking ;-) That hair do is just the trend back in time ;-)

Ask yourself why does we didn't maintain the looks of the Manila. You can do your share still if you want to restore the place for the next generation. E-mail me back if you got the guts to make a move ;-)



  1. Thanks for sharing.. . we can do our share 'BUHAYIN MULI ANG MAYNILA''yung totoong pagbuhay ng Maynila hindi kpag nagpalit ng administrasyon, wala na rin ang mga programa. Kailangan ng sinseridad ng Pamahalaang Lokal ng Maynila at lalo na ang disiplina ng bawat mamamayan nito. Naklulungkot isipan napag-iwanan na ang dating mutya ng Kalakhang Maynila. Hindi pa huli ang lahat kabayan. Magtulungan tayong lahat Manilenyo.

  2. I love your page. It's always good to let people look back and remember. If not, at least let younger people imbibe what it may have been like back then. It's too bad that we aren't able to maintain the historic aspect of manila and at the same time promote its commercial value. Look at Singapore for one...