Visiting Sariaya, Quezon Philippines

During Holy Week, people tend to plan where to spend their vacation. As of us, we decided to visit the Sariaya, Quezon.

Let's find out how they remember the passion of Christ and let's see what the province can offer.

It was Thursday, April 21. We left Manila around 9:00 PM. We rode the traditional Philippine passenger jeepney from Espana, Manila to Lawton.

From there, we have to travel to Alabang via Bus. It took us an hour and a half commuting and finally, we were there.

From Alabang, we rode another Bus to go directly to Sariaya, Quezon. At approximately 1:00 AM, we have reached the town proper.

You might wonder and wanted to know more about the province? The Municipality of Sariaya (Filipino: Bayan ng Sariaya) is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. This populous municipality is famous for its pristine beach resorts, heritage houses, and nature-trekking activities that lead adventurous hikers to the peak of mythical Mount Banahaw. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations during summer vacation and national holidays.

A growing number of expatriates from other countries who are habitués of the town's world-class beach resorts have long discovered that this town is a safe, affordable, and idyllic haven for retirement. The peace and order situation here is enviable, with its smiling residents going out of their way to make visitors and foreign guests feel safe and respected. The town's leisure activities for its senior citizens are varied and emotionally supportive. Its residents' penchant for higher education is legendary. Most families work diligently to send their younger members to secondary schools, vocational colleges, and topnotch universities in Metro Manila and the Calabarzon Region. The current municipal leadership has shepherded the establishment and continuing development of national high schools in its major barangays so that residents from far-flung villages would not have to spend too much for transportation.

The town is also well known for its best-selling delicacies: pancit habhab, the Sariaya version of sautéed noodles eaten directly off banana leaves; pinagong bread (a tasty and filling bread shaped like a clenched fist); export-oriented mazapan candies and pastries made of young coconut or buko meat; cassava confections and rice cakes that blend grated sweet coconut or makapuno and pulverized banana; and those luscious and juicy varieties of pakwan or watermelons, cantaloupes, santol, mangoes, and kaymito fruits.

From there, it's just a stone throw away from our destination. Familiar faces welcome us after the 4 hour trip. As we go down the road, an old house caught our attention. This is not the only one of this kind at the area but we're scared to take some pictures, if you know what I mean. The shot was a bit blurry but sure it is scary enough.

We have reached the house that we will provide us shelter during our stay at the province. They got a large field area and cows are scattered everywhere, as in literally everywhere. I have no idea why their eyes glow when I shoot a quick pic ;-)

We have to have our sleep to gain enough strength for tomorrow. The moon is really bright and it is really so amazing to watch.

It was Good Friday, April 22. We decided to visit some sights to set the mood for the day. We were amazed by the small places yet to be discovered. Along the road, I took the liberty to take some pictures of what we've seen.

We have then witnessed the procession held at the Saint Francis of Assisi Church.

The procession was heavily guarded as we see a lot of soldiers at the church premises, well, hope there's nothing more serious that could eventually happen. Just look how long their firearms is. 

The devotees followed the Patron as the procession started to move forward. There were really a lot of people participated the event.

After the procession which lasted about a couple of hours or more, we headed home with an itinerary to go somewhere beautiful in the morning.

So where else should someone go during summer? At the beach of course.

We have enjoyed ourselves really. We should thank the Sariaya people who have accommodated us with their utmost hospitality. Hope someday when we get back, we could share with you more places to visit at Sariaya, Quezon.


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