What does Supermoon had to do with disasters?

We're all aware and all ears as far as disasters is concerned! We speculate a lot for some odd reasons and we try to explain those reasons for ourselves alone.

After the consecutive earthquakes that hit Haiti and New Zealand, after the devastating quake-tsunami combo that hits Japan, people and the world understandably on the edge. When the news came suddenly that there would be a Supermoon, rumors regarding disasters starts to spread! A lot of these rumors came with astronomical events which always captures our attention as it has captivating concept.

The Supermoon came, for some reasons a lot of its audience came underwhelmed, it was not that big as they expected it to be! After the long hours of waiting, after setting up those equipments, Supermoon came short of a lot of people's expectations! The good news is, it was not accompanied by disasters! Though some feel disappointed hoping that there would be disasters for them to witness!

If we recall all Supermoons, there were no major natural disasters occurred!

Since March 1993, after 18 years the full moon was 221,565 miles from Earth, the closest it can get and the only effects on Earth was to make the tide much higher than usual, well don't be alarmed as NASA confirmed that it will make the tide 1 inch higher than usual.


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