Tell Your Doctor Everything, Even These 5 Secrets

Let's face it folks, whenever we visit our doctors, there are things that we rather keep on to ourselves instead of confessing those with them! Especially those pills we just had to borrow from a friend, or to our shame, our elicit affair with a neighbor...

There might be reasons for these really, more often than not, its just our own reasons. It may be difficult for us to confide, sometimes we think that those are not that important, there's stories that we're embarrassed to tell or maybe we had a feeling that we've been rushed! But most of the time, if not always, we keep secrets to ourselves for us not to look bad with them...

We tend to believe that if our doctors likes us or respects us, they will give us better treatment! Well, we're not saying that that was wrong but rather, it is more important to tell our doctors everything, even those that we're too shameful to talk about...

Secret # 1
We tend not to take those pills our doctors prescribed
Each time we leave the clinic or the hospital, with us is a prescription we all intended to purchase. But when we arrived at the pharmacy, we refrain from buying those when we discovered that our insurance company didn't cover those! Or much shameful, we didn't make it to the pharmacy for whatever reasons.

A lot of us are guilty that we sometimes skip a capsule or stop the medication whenever we feel that we're feeling better. Then we visit our doctors again we'll say "of course I took them" even they're still pointing out that the symptoms are still there!

It is so important to discuss things like that with our doctors so that they will not think that the prescription is not working or they might change the dosage of the pills or the prescription itself!

Not taking all your medicine will not kill all the bacteria in your body thus sometimes making them resistant to drugs then come back with a vengeance!

If money is the issue, go tell your doctor if there's a lesser price for those brand, a generic maybe. Tell them if you are comfortable taking herbal medicine.

Secret # 2
Doing cleanse to loose weight
If you're trying to live a life with a camote and water just to trim down some pounds, might as well tell your doctor that! Being proud with your 'flakes' and nothing else diet could be fatal!

Any diet, especially if it's extreme is bad for your body. Those 'juice fat' may cause instability with you when you're drinking that even if you are in good shape. It will dehydrate you and throw off your electrolyte balance which can hurt the heart or the kidneys for starters!

FYI, cleanse diet can strip off micronutrients like magnesium and vitamin D. If you'll undergo cleanse diet, have it checked regularly to ensure you're going about it as safely as possible. Consult your doctor what's the best weight-loss plan for you.

Secret # 3
You're a one man woman
It's not that easy having a white board to monitor how many have you had sex with! Or worst, somebody is really having a hard time admitting that they're abused sexually!

Your doctor doesn't ask about those things to judge you with your choice preference, it's for them to assess your risk of STD's and have you scheduled for screening!

Some activities might cause you cervical cancer. Don't wait until you feel uneasy with the feeling, tell your doctor right away. They can even help you make your sex life better!

Secret # 4
We all know that nobody's perfect, even with your family's health history
It's not that easy to discuss about your father having STD, (I know, just calm yourself for a while and continue reading) or your sister is always having a depression whenever she visit a doctor, but these are important details that you might think irrelevant!

A lot of killer health problem like cancer are treatable on their early stages, your doctor can tell you screenings that can prevent you from having such. If depression, high blood and heart diseases are of family's background, doctors can point you in the right direction how to travel your way up the block.

Secret # 5
Your cheating with other doctor
It might that easy telling your doctor about other's opinion, you will hurt them like you tell your partner that you're having drinks with a cute officemate!

If you're trying to break up with your doctor, there's no need for a break up talk. Hence, if you're seeing another one, do tell them that. They have to compare test results so not to have bad drug interaction, this will make sure that their treatment work together.

You don't want to undergo the same tests are you, doctors need to know what you've tried so far! But if you find yourself uncomfortable to discuss things with your doctor, it may be the time to look for another =)



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