Miracle Rescues in Japan

After the devastating 8.9 magnitude quake hits Japan, soldiers started to check houses to houses trying to look for survivors.

They thought a baby cry was into their imagination... Until they hear it again...

Would you believe that after removing debris, shattered glasses and pile of destroyed materials, there she is, a four-month old baby in pink woolen bear suit!

She was learned to be swept away by the huge tsunami, her parents also survived the tragedy who have taken refuge into their wrecked home, and she was unnamed yet...

How the baby survived the falling debris, raging water and burning houses is still a sure mystery but the soldiers regains their strength and belief that there are survivors still after the quake. They already have pulled at least 2,000 dead bodies before they rescued the baby.

Another miracle was they found a 70-year old woman alive inside her wrecked home. She is now receiving treatment at the hospital. She's conscious now but she's suffering from hypothermia.

Another one is a 60-year old woman who survived floating in the water for two days. She survived clinging herself into the floating rooftop.

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