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Health Code International is a product-based marketing company. Its humble beginnings can be traced back five years ago when it crossed the threshold of the Philippine market during the last quarter of the year 2003.

HCI and its flagship product, Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD), took its Official Grand Launching on March 28, 2004. With only about two hundred registered distributors then, the company experienced a remarkable turn around in its membership which grew to around fifty thousand distributors just as the close of the following year. The entry of Concentrated Mineral Drops in the Philippine market stuck the Filipino health consciousness and entrepreneurial spirit immensely, that its grand launching at the Aliw Theater in PICC, Manila, signalled its phenomenal rise into being among the fastest-growing and most stable health and wellness companies in the country. And as the distributors swelled by the ranks, the need for a more dynamic and dependable workforce made the company beef up its staff accompanied by an expansion in its office space to cater to its ever increasing client's needs.

In its over five years of existence, HCI lives up to its philosophy of contributing progress and growth as it recognizes and commends the excellent performance of leaders and distributors on its yearly Distributors' Rallies. HCI values strong teamwork towards achievement of excellence through Outdoor Leadership Seminars held almost simultaneously in different regions of the country. The company also believes in establishing a good and solid relationship with our strategic partners as we offer continuous learning and updates through our Business Building Seminars. Distributors and guests are inspired by the tremendous successes witnessed in every yearly National and Regional Conventions. And more accomplishments and successes are to be witnessed as more plans are revealed during our Year-End Distributors Rallies.

Mission and Vision
Health Code International is committed in improving the quality of life of our distributors through an honest and long term business partnership. Providing opportunity for good health and financial freedom. Your health is our concern, your future is our goal.

  • We believe in contributing to the progress and growth of our nation.
  • We believe excellence can be achieved through strong teamwork.
  • We believe that providing the highest quality product at an affordable price is the driving force behind our business.
  • We believe in establishing a good and solid relationship with our people and strategic partners.
  • We believe in continuous learning as the basis of growth.
  • We believe in the 'win-win' solution as our guiding principle in business
Giving importance and focus on good health of every family member is what inspires HCI to organize product awareness campaign to different areas around the country, the mission is to educate and bring MRI/HCI CMD in every home, leading the people a road to wellness.

Through the years, MRI's CMD became the benchmark of an effective and outstanding food supplement and the company gained significant recognitions and awards feted by different prestigious award-giving bodies as follows:

1. Family Product Excellence Awardee as The Most Innovative Energy Food Supplement.
2. National Consumer's Quality Awardee as The Most Innovative Food Supplement.
3. National Shopper's Choice Awardee as the No. 1 Innovative Energy Food Supplement.
4. Year Ender Excellence Awardee as Top Innovative Energy Food Supplement.
5. Philippines Marketing Excellence Awardee as The Most Outstanding Innovative Food Supplement.
6. Asia Pacific Excellence Awards as The Outstanding Energy Food Supplement.
7. Seal of Excellence Award as Most Outstanding Mineral Food Supplement and Most Outstanding Health and Wellness Marketing Company.

And as we move forward, HCI will continuously be committed to provide up-to-date strategies, programs, seminars and developmental support to equip everyone in achieving their goals and dreams as evidenced by the many incentive rewards program that we offer to our aspiring leaders the most prominent ones are our Travel Incentive Rewards Programs. And as we faced the challenge of global competition, the On-Line System which will surely expedite business transactions with our partners anywhere in the globe.

The Health Code Colors
Red symbolizes strength, energy, passion and maintaining health.
Yellow symbolizes preciousness, wealth, spirituality and vitality.
Blue symbolizes peace and happiness.

Health Code International is a marketing institution that promotes better health through high quality and effective products and provides unlimited opportunities for personal growth and financial freedom.

  • Reprinted from Health Code International Business Manual
For more information and inquiries:

Bernard V. Garcia       
CMD Distributor                   0920-983-0953    /    02-493-1310

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  1. Scam! You did not mention MRI the original manufacturer based in Utah,USA. I USED TO BUY CMD and the original has MRI logo in it.
    Yours is almost a replica. You don't even have the decency to make your own designed bottle. So unethical! I can't trust you.