Facebook... Frontier for Fraud

Wonder how this network site be the frontier for fraud?

What makes Facebook so treacherous? It's all about us and what we reveal on our own personal information!

A lot of us if not all, always had to open a bank account, credit cards, office personal account which require us to secure our own password. Unfortunately, for us not to forget what password we have secured for each account, we use the same for all our accounts.

Think you will be more careful to give out information? Think that you might not be a victim since you're taking extra care? Then think twice...

Recognize the following Facebook messages that jeopardize your security. Remember that the following messages came from Facebook itself:

1. Who knows you best?

The message reads:

Can you do this? My middle name ________, my age ________, my favorite soda ________, my birthday __/__/__, whose the love of my life ________, my best friend ________, my favorite color ________, my eye color ________, my hair color ________, my favorite food ________, my mom's name ________. Put this as your status and see who knows you best.

2. Your friend [name here] just answered a question for you!

Well, the phrase itself tickle your curiosity a bit. So happen that when you click the link, there would be a bunch of questions for you to answer. So a lot of times we may not be wary about it, these information will be used to somehow access our privacy. There are questions also that you will have to provide some of your friend's information, then their privacy will be violated too.

3. LOL. Look at the video I found of You

This is the most dangerous of all the spam messages and don't be fooled as it comes in different variety of forms. This is one way of those fraud to install malware into your system. This malware system records your activities on your computer. This includes all passwords you have made for your accounts!

Wonder how this works? When you click the link, an 'upgrade' button will appear. Then when you hit it, it will open your PC for those crooks that will send software to spy on your PC. You will not be aware on this instantly until come a time that you will see strange charges on your credit cards or paypal account.

Try asking a friend if they send you the link before you click those, sometimes, a lot of them were surprised and will tell you that they didn't sent you anything!

4. We're Stuck

There are Facebook "we're stuck" messages spread across Europe, Canada and Asia. The message is now asking everyone that they needs money! These crooks will make you react emotionally as tragedy across the world is devastating.

There were instances that some "help needed" messages came from the immediate relatives of some Facebook users. Surprised as it may be when they learned that the message didn't came from them!

So when you will be asked to provide some personal information from the internet, better think twice!


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