Effects of Japan's Nuclear Meltdown in the Philippines

After the devastating effects of the 8.9 magnitude quake on Japan, the people are now facing another danger. After the tsunami, burning houses, lost lives and scarcity on food, here comes the nuclear meltdown!

To prevent the disaster from growing even worst, the officials are continuing on finding ways on how to lower the temperature on their reactors. They also claims that there would highly be a hydrogen explosion as the reactor continue to melt down. They're trying to pour sea water in it to help the reactor to cool down!

More than 170,000 people were being evacuated as a precaution. Officials said that there's radioactivity released but at the moment, it is small enough not to pose any health threats.

However, on a complete meltdown, the collapse on the power plant's system and its ability to keep its temperature under control, could release uranium and other dangerous contaminants into the environment and could pose a major, widespread health risks.

Two days after the quake, there's an explosion inside the nuclear plant that destroys the wall, officials are trying their best to hold and contain the situation from overheating and eventually melting down.

An estimate of 160 people were taken to the hospital due exposure on the radiation. On the 8.9 quake itself, the dead toll is already 1,000, though police claim's that it would reach up to 10,000 as days gone by.

A lot of people are being tested on radioactivity as we speak. Fear are being held within their lives as they seem hopeless on the tragedy.

According to the Philippine scientists, they can assure the public that the feared Japan's nuclear meltdown will not affect the Philippines whatsoever. Though we can't be certain, its best that we always update ourselves regarding the issue!

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