Zodiac Signs... Sagittarius the Archer / Centaur

December 18 - January 20
Before Ophiuchus November 22 - December 21

Planet                    Jupiter
Element                 Fire
Birthstone              Topaz
Quality                   Mutable (associated with adaptability, service-providing and expansion)
At Good Days        Inspiring, fair-minded, optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, dedicated and honest
At Bad Days           Reckless, argumentative, flaky, preachy, tactless
Polarity                   Positive

With the same Sagittarius
Both of you are real jokers (sad to say that you will meet each other in the nearest asylum) kidding aside, you can easily be best of friends as you both can laugh into anything. However, you can still find time to talk about anything serious. Both of you hates boredom and always wanted on the go either with yourselves or with friends. But because of too much alike, with so much similarities, you will bring out the worst from each other so most likely that you will not find true love! I'll give this 6 out f 10.

With Capricorn
Though there are things that will give you some grounds in common, there are not enough. Capricorn always prefer that there should be rules to put things in order and they tend to hold themselves to try new things which in turn, you will find them boring! You on the other hand are too hyper for Capricorn. When you hang with them, they always feel you're babysitting! I'll give this 4 out of 10.

With Aquarius
Try to be friends with Aquarius first before trying to be lovers. Both of you are independent and share the same energy level. We can't say if you can stay with each other for a long period or a short time (oh I'm sorry what does 'short time' connotes but what the heck), but we can say that the short one is a result of either is trying to give efforts to keep the relationship going! I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Pisces
If you want the truth, well, this is not a good match, actually this is an ugly one! You are bound to enjoy everything about life and good times but Pisces always tries to get away from life and instead reflect on the sadness and angst they are feeling! When you two differ on how you view the world, actually you differ vastly, it is most likely that the relationship will not work. I'll give this 2 out of 10.

With Aries
Both of you seems to be a good match! You both love freedom ad honesty. You will help Aries to see the overall picture and channel your drive into big ventures worthy of their endless energy! Aries on the other hand, will bring out your romantic side and creativity. Both of you need to observe how to budget as both of you are fond to spend! Try to save from your day to day fare allowance, say goodbye to treat-my-beautiful-officemate-to-lunch so you can pay for your child's college fund! Overall, you and Aries are kindred spirits and you can make a great pairings! I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Taurus
You might see a pair of conservative and the liberal! There are things you both commonly enjoys like good eats and brand name clothing. Those might not enough to hold the relationship though. You always wanted to explore new things and meet new people, Taurus will always feel extremely jealous and they might try to lock you down, hand cuffs always comes in handy! You'll better off as friends if you ask me. I'll give this 4 out of 10.

With Gemini
There's no dull moments! That would be what's best describe you being together, jokes always fly around and laughter always is in the air! However, Gemini would not like you being nosy in those private matters, and you will get tired of Gemini's debates! You always wishes that Gemini will be as more openly expressive as you when it comes to romance (come on, you have to forget even your long waited salary increase, who cares about those when it comes to romance! Priorities tiger, priorities!). Bottomline though, you will share more good times than bad! I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Cancer
Chemistry always happen between the two of you more often than not! You both love to laugh and hide behind humor with your insecurities! You always wants to rush with romance while Cancer want the opposite (come on junior, who wouldn't want romance?)! Best advice for you two is start as friends then work slowly through being together! Being friends, Cancer can serve up support and advice while you always lends an ear to hear Cancer out! So, why settle as being friends instead! I'll give this 4 out of 10.

With Leo
Fun couple is what's best describe you both, even better as being friends! You both love to hang out with others, and share the same being risk takers! Even as you establish the relationship, you still want to hang out with other people and meet new friends which will be very disappointing for Leo! Leo think that having good chemistry should hold you being always together but you, being your nature, still want to share good times with other people... I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Virgo
Conversation will never be boring for both parties! You will however be under a mix of love-hate scheme as you had always a lot of rebel ways! Having the relationship work is much harder than you think as Virgo always wanted to criticize you and you hated it so much. Virgo tend to put everything under their own schedule so a lot of times, Virgo will put you off. Unfortunately, you are not patient enough to wait. I'll give this 2 out of 10.

With Libra
You can make friends with Libra more easily than you can imagine, as a matter of fact, you can be best of friends, as well as lovers! Both of you tend to use laughter and humor in your conversation and you're not afraid to talk about taboo subjects (I really don't want to elaborate more what I mean with taboo, my green mind is not that easy to control really). While Libra always needs time to think to decide on things, you don't have that patience to wait. Hence, it's a great match. I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Scorpio
I envy you when you are together with Scorpio as both of you are capable of having wild and steamy nights of love making =) But when we talk about long term relationship, then there would be a problem! Both of you are prone into fighting, you'll always argue about the time you spent on each other. As your relationship goes by, Scorpio will get jealous much more everyday as you have to spend time with other people! Both of you always wanted to party hard but it'll give you no help to build a relationship. I'll give this 4 out of 10.

For 2011
You need to put everything planned and all should have been set up for your satisfaction as far as career and finances are concerned, then all goes fine. If not, you need to put all your effort to keep your career and financial aspects from derailing!

You will be at peak of your romance and commitment if you ask me. You can be very attractive though this might cause some jealousy amongst certain friendship. Don't worry, they'll always be around.

2011 is a good year for your health now. Just reevaluate your sleeping habits, workouts and eating cycles, try to add supplements and vitamins from your food intake. Try to have a regular exercise for this year will require you a lot of energy =)

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