Zodiac Signs... Capricorn the Sea-goat

January 21 - February 16
Before Ophiuchus December 22 - January 19

Planet                    Saturn
Element                 Earth
Birthstone              Ruby
Quality                  Cardinal (associated with initiation, creativity and leadership)
At Good Days       Hardworking, family-minded, loyal, devoted, honest, fearless 
At Bad Days         Cold, materialistic, snobbish, pessimistic, unforgiving, has feelings of hopelessness
Polarity                  Negative

With the same Capricorn
Both of you are workaholics and always had things needs to prioritize! It's more likely that you'll find yourselves hard to have quality time together, but if you push the issue and take efforts, you can be fine! There is a mutual respect from each other. Sad to say that the love-making could a lot of times get dull (aww, that's really sad)! Though being together would give you a financial stability. I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Aquarius
Sad to say that both of you have a lot of differences that you will discover on the later part of the relationship! You always do things as planned but Aquarius is always spontaneous and unpredictable which will give you both conflicts from each other! While Aquarius enjoys be-friending even the weirdest people on earth, you on the other hand is not comfortable with the idea. Whenever you tries to encourage Aquarius to get a family as you wanted yourself to have one eventually, Aquarius don't really think to have children not until you are much older! I'll give this 4 out of 10.

With Pisces
You'll find both yourselves compatible even in the career department as one always wanted to work and the other is hardly working, this is fine really if the other will take their time to take care of the children and plans the day to day activities of the family! You could see a lot of expensive things even at the first stages of dating! You'll indulge yourselves in the finer things in life and can be a great couple in time. I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Aries
Both of you are ambitious and self-centered which is fine. Both of you can't seem to look eye to eye, this is where the problem really is. Aries is an impulsive idealist while you are a down to earth realist! Get into specific roles if you want to resolve the issue, Aries always want to be the baby being spoiled so you should have a father or mother image who wants to take care of Aries! I'll give this 2 out of 10.

With Taurus
You will have a lot of common grounds! Both of you are under the Earth sign, which signifies being practical, loyal and family oriented. You can work on together building status and wealth! When time comes that you both feel dull, your similar qualities you found in each other will hold you together. I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Gemini
You will do everything if you want anything badly enough is the only thing common for you two! After you realize that the physical attraction started to wear off, Gemini will find you boring! When you decided to open up (a lot of times they hides their emotions though), Gemini will not want your being clinginess! You always have doubt about Gemini giving you solid commitment in a relationship! I'll give this 2 out of 10.

With Cancer
You have a lot of common grounds than you can imagine! Both of you are ambitious and longing for security, the biggest part of your lives are your families and both of you keep the same circle of friends for a long time! The conflict is that you lacks of strong emotion while Cancer have plenty of! If you put other things before Cancer, they surely get hurt, it get worse from there because of your differences in that department. This will be a great match if you both commit fully to the relationship, which fortunately both of you are capable of! I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Leo
The reason for you being together is not always love. You are often times cold and far too detached while Leo always long for someone that can express their love and affection publicly. Leo want to be with you for the sake of public appearance, Leo just wanted to be appreciated by people seeing you both together with each other. You both might not be together for love but rather for reputation only! This kind of behavior cannot hold the relationship for sure! I'll give this 4 out of 10.

With Virgo
Compatibility is on an all time high as both of you are Earth signs! You will love the fact that both of you are hardworking and dependable. There are times that both of you wanted to be alone but there's really nothing to worry about as both of you are a lot less emotionally clingy. You can be very good parents if you decided to tie the knot! Good news is when both of you fell in love, there would hardly be no reason at all for you to fail! I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Libra
It will take probably forever to try to make things work between you two, sad to say! Both of you are patient enough to wait for things but, this might be the only similarity you share. While Libra set aside goals to prioritize romance, you always pursue your career and goals relentlessly! You will have a hard time providing love which Libra needs most. I'll give this 2 out of 10.

With Scorpio
If Scorpio happen to meet you, they don't have to think but jump in a relationship right away! (Be sure it's of your opposite sex though, if it's not well, it's another story). Financial stability and parenting are well covered by your team up! Both of you will do well when you try to operate a business. So exciting to say that the bond between you two can only get tighter and you will work hard for it! I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Sagittarius

Though there are things that will give you some grounds in common, there are not enough. You always prefer that there should be rules to put things in order and you tend to hold yourself to try new things which in turn, Sagittarius will find you boring! Sagittarius on the other hand are too hyper for you. When they hang with you, you always feel they're babysitting! I'll give this 4 out of 10.

For 2011
Your confidence is at all time high for this year! A lot of people will notice you being someone special and you will always feel good about that. Just be aware of the people that will try to steal your fruit of labor, don't worry people will always notice whose running the show!

You might notice yourself not hyper enough to join the party, and people might as well see it. Don't worry though as this is your usual self, just try to balance the situation and take time to have a quality talk with your loved ones, you don't want them to find you boring right? 

You didn't give much attention to your health before but this year, you really have to! Don't take everything for granted, find time to reevaluate your health habits, if you have one. Have enough sleep, eat well and try that exercise routine you've always thinking of =)

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