Numismatists... Love for Coins

Numismatists, for our information are the person, either student or collector who loves collecting coins. Numismatics moreover, is the study and art of collecting currency including coins, tokens paper money and the likes.

It is remarkable that the collecting of coins may have existed as old as ancient times. Caesar Augustus (whoever that be) gave as Saturnalia gifts 'coins of every device, including old pieces of the kings and foreign money'.

De Asse et Partibus (1514) by Guillaume Budé was the first book on coins.

I consider myself to be a numismatists. I started collecting coins as early as I was 7. Curiosity mostly was what pushed me to collect those coins. Old, rusty, moist, uneven, having imperfections was what it is all about. It started with an unfamiliar coin given by my mother, and before I realized that it is  a Philippine coin, I already have a few to collect. Ever since then, I have tried to collect as many as I can. And as much as possible as old as it can be! Well, for frustrated collector as myself, the older the better!

I took the liberty to take photos of what I have collected so far. Though funny as it seems, I try as much as I can to clean these old, rusty, moist, uneven and having imperfections set of coins =)



For now, enjoy these old coins I have collected so far. Hope that someday I can add the most collectible coins of the Philippines. Including those circulated sometime during both the Spanish and United States Regime =)