Love for Country... Remembering EDSA People Power Revolution

February 25, 1986... I can't remember much when our people decided to oust former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Almost all went to the streets and share a single voice, a common cry, 'no more dictatorship, no more martial law'! While the most popular shout out the people had were 'tama na, sobra na, palitan na' (that's enough, it's too much, let's change it)! It's chaos really, I was a child then, not even cared what's the people are crying for!

I tried to look back 25 years ago, and found myself confused what's really going on back then! How important it is to our parents, teachers and relatives. How important it is to the Filipino people!

I tried to research the popular People Power Revolution and here's what I found out! It's not much, but enough to tickle your curiosity...

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos held the presidency chair for more than 20 years! Form 1965 - 1986! Wow, 20 years, didn't realize that's quite a long time for a single person to occupy the presidency! During his regime, people claims that there were a lot of killings, fear and terror which fuels the revolt of the ordinary citizen! The people were afraid, didn't think that there would someone who are brave enough to stand and tell the president "that's enough, the Filipino people deserves better"!

The Filipino is worth dying for! Simple words but really have the biggest and deepest influence and encouragement for the people! Senator Benigno Aquino Jr stands tall for his beloved countrymen, he wanted change! He took justice into the widely held idea of the Filipino people, to oust the dictatorship of former President Ferdinand Marcos!

He fought, not until he wanted to but rather until he needs to! Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. was put into exile and later return to pursue the long awaited change. He died with a single bullet as he landed his feet into his own country, the Philippine soil! It was chaos, this event ignited the fire on every Filipino! Went out on the streets and demanded an election.

It was short! The election was held! For some reason, after the 4 hour brown out, former President Ferdinand Marcos win the election!

The people said NO, this must be stopped at all cost! They have to put their cry on the streets! Every child, men and women participated as they make history! History that will change their lives forever...

They're demanding Marcos to vacate the position "SURRENDER! YOU'RE DEFEATED! MARCOS, GET LOST!"

The nuns were encouraging the soldiers not to stop them but join them instead!

Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. died for a cause! Let's not allow his sacrifices and guts go to waste! His wit, memories, wisdom, courage and charity always be remembered...

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