Laffline Comedy Bar

We recently went to Laffline Comedy Bar to watch stand up comediennes perform. We had no idea who will be performing for the night. It will spoil the element of surprise if we do, don't you think?

The venue was not that crowded at that time, it was around 10PM when we arrived. It was Sunday then. The place became crowded though as time gets deeper =)

Then there it goes, after we settle for the best area inside (well we thought that sitting in front of the stage would be the best position to see them all much closer, I think we were wrong! Get the picture? Sitting in front would give them more chance to make fun of us!), ordered our drinks and finger foods then all set up to enjoy the show =)

Reminisce =)

Inday Garutay is as funny as ever =) 

Tekla for me is the funniest during that night =) really makes me laugh out loud =)

Tekla with Iya =) I think this is the part where some foreigner gave them Php500.00 =)

Tekla and Iya singing Celine Dion's

All of them singing Waka Waka when Ethel Booba arrives =)

All enjoying Waka Waka =) Ethel sings with much enthusiasm =)

There she is! Isn't she adorable? =)

Then after, they ask Ryan Bang who happens to be just enjoying the show, to participate in a game =)  I think he was with Vice Ganda =)

They ask Ryan to play 'let's have s*x' =) hey don't get me wrong here! =)

I don't think Ryan is too happy with the idea =) They just forced him to join =) The audience/contestants seems to be gorgeous though =) The three of them are beautiful =)
He manage to pose for our camera =) His game is on =) Didn't know really what he put himself into =)
Ethel shows how to play the game =) Ryan seems very uncomfortable, look at his face =) He's a good sport, you'll give him that =)
OMG I don'y envy you at all Ryan! Tekla! Might give you nightmares =)
That was Vice Ganda laughing out loud while Ryan Bang plays the game =) and that skinny one was Chokla who almost block the entire view of our camera =)
The first contestant makes her move! Isn't she gorgeous =) I didn't manage to take pictures with the other two coz I'm laughing my ass out =)

Come on! Chokla! OMG I wonder how does Ryan feels after the game =)
Might loose his appetite haha Chokla even took her bra off and the gang forced to take that big undie off and it was chaos really as Chokla almost runs the entire stage with her huge ass showing off =)
The show was terrific! It was one of the best Sundays I had =) Can't wait for another time to enjoy watching them all =) It was a great stress-reliever!

Cheerio =)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by at my blog and for saying hi. Looks like you had a fun time. That's great - comedy clubs can be really fun or it can just get really derogatory (not a fan of the latter). Interesting pictures!