Date Escapes

Is there a time you go on a date then wander what to do as both of you have limited options to explore? Can't decide where to go or what to eat or where and what to venture next? It must have been a long time being together or maybe too short for you to share things around?

Don't worry as there are remedies for that! There's 8 actually, or if you have thought of something more, just let me know =)

1st Escape
Make it a classic cuddling
You really don't have to decide where to do this. From far away, in a vacation maybe or even at the expense of your own home you can enjoy the classic cuddling! Just cry your eyes and your heart out and let your Honey hold the wipes... Let you show them your soft side... Well what to do next is not really my biz anymore =) Just go easy on the couch will you =)

2nd Escape
Go on the erotic literature reading
You don't have to show a lot of stressful effort to fold this off! Just lounge on the sofa, slip that sexy voice while holding a sexy mag! When I say sexy mag I mean sexy mag, don't blame me with the disaster if you found yourself holding a porn mag, it's of a big difference really! Well I can't prevent you from doing that right? Just, what the heck, do your thing =)

3rd Escape
Cook something special
Hey first and foremost, you know how to cook right? If not, just try to buy him a special dinner to play it safe! However if you do cooking, try to make it more romantic =) Prepare a picnic basket, have some chopsticks to set the mood, some romantic music and a 'banig', enjoy watching the stars while having sweet and meaningful conversation. A simple yet meaningful way to spend the night don't you think? Just don't do this on the streets though, dodging the speeding cars will give you so much stress really!

4th Escape
Tease your Honey, the naughty way =)
Don't push yourself enrolling at the dance class then cry yourself out just to get the diploma! Just be imaginative and resourceful, try moving that hips once in a while. Move it slowly to make it sexier =) To make this more pleasurable, don't let your Honey hold you until you finish your performance! Set aside your fave album for a while though, I don't find it sexy when I imagine you dancing with 'All the Single Ladies' by Beyonce =) (Wearing that bikini and all come on, you can do better!)

5th Escape
Massage your Honey's feet
Make them feel the warmth of your hand! Spoil them with that soothing scrub and make them realize that those hands can do more than they thought =) Better yet, give them a whole body massage then after, tomorrow maybe you can open your own Spa =) Kidding aside, you can give them the most sensual feeling - without even taking your pants off =)

6th Escape
Send you Honey a mysterious invitation
If you find your partner having so busy schedule, try to slip a mysterious invitation in their office. Do all the planning, set the time and decide where you will spend the night! Surely, this is a meeting they'll won't want to miss =)

7th Escape
Spend a weekend in paradise
Give your Honey a surprise 'back pack' get away! Book a surprise trip of your choice. Bring only those you'll need to be sexy and fit it all in one back pack (you'll never call it 'back pack' get away if you plan to bring a travelling bag right?) Don't forget your sexy bikini to complete the package =)

Please try not to burn the house =)

8th Escape
Your home can be a exotic hideaway
Can't find yourself a vacation trip? Have limited time to explore the outside? Why not try to turn your own home into a romantic hideaway! Prepare your sexy get ups, you might need it badly in this occasion =) A simple candles and a good choice of music would be enough to turn your home into their fantasy land! Greet them sexy at the door, surely you won't regret it =)


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  1. he he ang cute naman lalo na yung 5th esca