Baguio City... The City of Pines (Day 2)

We may be tired from yesterday's affair but what the heck, nobody will prevent us from loitering around the city! We had our breakfast and talk about where to go next. It's a majority decision, we had to visit the SM Baguio (one of the biggest Mall here in the country), Burnham Park then the Bell Church.

I'm really excited as it is my first time to visit the Bell Church! A lot of questions going through my mind really! Well just can't wait to see the Church...

Enjoy =)

Can't help myself to take this picture! Nothin special really, it's just the Mall's Sign =)

Baguio City is clean, you will be embarrassed trying to litter around =)

Just a snap shot of what's inside the mall =) I think we're from the 3rd floor =)

We decided to buy some souvenirs, mostly t-shirts =) they offer a lot though, from key chains to idols =)

Fascinated how they decorated the outside of the Mall! Might want to take family pictures there =)

We didn't visit the Baguio Cathedral, though you can see it from SM Mall =)

Well what can I say? Welcome to Burnham Park? Enjoy the view =)

Havin fun taking pictures from almost anything =) One of the Park's corner =)

Well then again, welcome to Burnham Park =) Havin fun with the family =)

There is a history before this monument, I think, I didn't get the name though =)

The same monument, just from another angle =)

What to say about this? There's a lot to shoot really, I don't know why this again! =)

Time to leave =) Next stop, the Bell Church =)

As the sign says, welcome to Bell Church =)

I don't know what it says, might want to ask a Chinese friend =)

Ahh, that's very relaxing really =)

So sad as it may be but we need to go home, it's getting late =) This is the Session Road at night =)

Well, not enough pictures right? I'll try to update this when we visit the City again. Hope it won't be long! Can't wait what's for Day 3 =)

Join us on our

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