Baguio City... The City of Pines (Day 1)

Baguio City... Located at northern part of the country, having cold weather, cool places to visit and great hospitality of  locals. Should we take a little history lesson, well, it doesn't hurt to take some right?

The City of Pines was established by Americans in 1900 at Ibaloi village known as Kafagway. It was named the Summer Capital of the Philippines last June 1, 1903 and then incorporated as a city on September 1, 1909.

Well, enough for that, that's too much for my brain to handle! Let's take a look where we have gone as we visit the Baguio City, The City of Pines!

Enjoy =)

Took the trip from Sampaloc, Manila to Baguio City via Victory Liner Bus 
Obviously the trip is to Baguio City, should I elaborate more?
I took some shots while the bus is running, I think this was somewhere in Pampanga City
I can't recall if this is from Tarlac
We're almost there, excited to feel the cool breeze =)
Ahh you can see the fog from here =)
For some unfortunate reasons, the bus had a mechanical failure but no worries as nobody's hurt! They had us transferred to the next bus =) though some were scared at a moment =)
Finally, after 8 long but enjoyable hours, we arrived @ aprox. 2 PM =)
Excited as it seems, we checked the ambiance of the place, it's really good =)
First stop after a short rest, we should go to the market for our meals! Can't enjoy loitering around with empty stomach right?  =)
Good thing the market is just a stone's throw away =)
Nothing especial about this really, just thought it was funny displaying those this way =) should have I bought one for a necklace?
Advisory is all over the area, might as well be cautious =) better keep my nokia 3310 for safety!
Just took a snap shot of where we are at a moment =)
Seems funny for me as we have the same place at Manila, it isn't a street though
Directions like this are placed strategically, still better be careful not to get lost =)
Ahh you should see this in person! This was as early as 5 AM, the fog is all over and that was the moon by the way =)

Join us on our

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