Baguio City and Their Beautiful Flowers

We recently went to Baguio for a short vacation, though it is not my first to visit the city anymore, I do still find it relaxing and inviting. We went from places to places and the city really has a lot to offer than I think it can. Though for all the places we visited, I find myself rather amazed from all the flowers surrounded the city. So I didn't waste any second, I set up my camera and shoot as many as I can.

Sad to say I didn't cover all the fields to shoot all those flowers you'll see around the city of pines, and another thing I only had a digital camera. Hope that next time, I will buy myself a DSLR to have these photos a more vivid, sharp and more enjoyable to view =) I'll try to update this blog as much as I can everytime I go visit the city of flowers, Baguio City =) But for the meantime, try to enjoy this and hope you can add some of yours =)

 Haha! As much as I wanted not to laugh, the bug didn't bother to fly off =)

Hope next time, for information's sake,  I'll name you these flowers and surely you'll have one you'll fall in love with =)

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  1. Hi! Nice to see you've posted these flowers, just came from Baguio, i also enjoyed taking flower shots, that will be posted soon on my blog

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