Zodiac Signs... Aries The Ram

April 18 - May 13
Before Ophiuchus March 21 - April 19

Planet:               Mars
Element             Fire
Birthstone          Bloodstone
Quality              Cardinal (associated with initiation, creativity, leadership)
At good days    Caring, heroic, devoted, bold, unstoppable, encouraging and energetic
At bad days      Reckless, jealous, stubborn, bossy, impulsive, self centered and proud
Polarity             Positive

With the same Aries
You both want to be the first with everything. And since you are both energetic, there would most likely to have a competition between you two. If both of you came into an argument, both are most likely to act childish even if you're already an adult, there would be a lot of childish behavior. Both of you are longing for freedom and attention and you will understand this duality with each other. If you can work this out, if you find balance with each other, you can be a good passionate couple and friends as well. I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Taurus
You two can make this all worth while... but not for long! In the first stages of your relationship, there would be romance and compliments, a lot of those! But when your differences became evident, things could turn sour really quick, faster than you can dodge those flying plates! Taurus wants to settle down, a real homebody, while Aries is always on out and about, wanted to be in the public spotlight and mingle. Both of you can be a real stubborn which always leads into unresolved conflicts. I'll give this 4 out of 10.

With Gemini
Both of you are intellectuals and you two are the best verbal communicators in the Zodiac. What you want and give in return is freedom and you will find understanding with each other, but Aries always wanted to be pampered which something Gemini couldn't always offer... Aries is a very impatient one, at times, Aries could find Gemini boring! There could be a lot of jealousy as both of you want to flirts with others but do not want your partners do the same. I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Cancer
In terms of personalities, well you two are really world's apart. Cancer is most on a conservative type and really sensitive while you being aggressive might connect much harder than you think! If you want to really push this relationship to work, both of you have to adjust with each other's style big time! You can make this really harder as both of you have irrational jealousy and you give your trust much harder than you think those algebraic expressions! This can give you both much paranoia! Might as well break it up or sacrifice more and more to make this work for you! Obviously, i'll give this 2 out of 10...

With Leo
Both of you are prima donnas! There could be a lot of drama when you get together. You can end up having a once in a lifetime flings with great sexual chemistry. It can work as well in a long time relationship. Every so often, Aries should stroke Leo's ego and Leo should have to be careful not to strongly criticize Aries. Both of you are loyal and dependable so you can make a great couple. I'll give this 8 out of 10!

With Virgo
Virgo is the practical and the responsible one while Aries can be complex, impulsive and often irresponsible. From the intellectual level, both are good communicators and can relate to each other well. So this might work out for both of you, plus the physical attraction can be very strong between you two! Some of us might go with the physical attraction alone, "forget the brain, forget the personality"! But even still, your behavior are world's apart so you can compromise on certain things! I'll give this 4 out of 10!

With Libra
Both of you will amazingly balance each other out! While you love battles, Libra loves peace... You can put fire into Libra's life (doesn't mean you should burn her though) and Libra can teach you being warfreak how to control your anger and channel that into a more constructive manner. Libra's are born laid-back, they do not want anyone to be the boss of them, this goes double for you Aries! Both of you will give each other a sense of freedom and avoid suffocating one another. You can raise a good loving family. I'll give this 6 out of 10.

With Scorpio
Both of you are competitive, controlling and slow to trust. It will take time for you two to open up with each other. There will be a passion in the relationship if both of you are committed with each other! However, the balance should be addressed, as you don't want to be tied down and Scorpio want security and faithfulness. If you get into a lover's quarrel, things can get really ugly and nobody wants to be around (especially you when they decided to throw things out)! I'll give this 4 out of 10

With Sagittarius
Both of you seems to be a good match! You both love freedom ad honesty. Sagittarius will help you see the overall picture and channel their drive into big ventures worthy of your endless energy! You on the other hand, will bring out Sagittarius' romantic side and creativity. Both of you need to observe how to budget as both of you are fond to spend! Try to save from your day to day fare allowance, say goodbye to treat-my-beautiful-officemate-to-lunch so you can pay for your child's college fund! Overall, you and Sagittarius are kindred spirits and you can make a great pairings! I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Capricorn
Both of you are ambitious and self-centered which is fine. Both of you can't seem to look eye to eye, this is where the problem really is. You are an impulsive idealist while Capricorn is a down to earth realist! Get into specific roles if you want to resolve the issue, you always want to be the baby being spoiled so Capricorn should have a father or mother image who wants to take care of you! I'll give this 2 out of 10.

With Aquarius
Your relationship with Aquarius will have plenty of friendly competition and energy, so this is a lovely one! Both of you are quick thinkers who love to dive into random odd topics and come up with exciting ideas, then      you find yourself naked and touching each other hey! Where are we again? Oh, I see! You can talk for hours and your list of social activities would be endless! Aquarius takes a little while to warm up so you need a really great foreplay, I mean it will take a while to develop the passion... Silly me! You can make a good couple but even better as just friends. I'll give this 8 out of 10.

With Pisces
You always like to lead and Pisces don't mind to follow. You can be very demanding and Pisces is known to be giving and selfless so you will balance each other out of that aspect. You will most likely to be attracted into Pisces' mysterious aura while Pisces like your being outwardness, whatever that means =) If one don't do anything drastic to push away the other, you can be a lasting couple! I'll give this 6 out of 10.

For 2011
This is a great year for you! A lot of your ideas, projects and promotion will come true this year and the majority of this "luck" will prosper in earlier part of the year! As an advice, grab the opportunity early on, always think that there's no reason to hesitate and everything from you is a brilliant idea!

Though at the same time of the year, your relationship is going to be strained. Always manage your relationship situation before it spin out of control! If you want to avoid big time quarrels, always take time to talk.

You've got a great year in terms of health! Take advantage of this to shape those curves or muscles. Eat right, get plenty of exercise and enough sleep. Take this time to try out that sport you're thinking of... =)

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