Who really is for me? The Anatomy of Match Making

A question always comes to mind when someone tries to realize who might be the one for her or him. There are times that someone was already with someone but tries to ask oneself if they really were for each other.

You can always argue with someone if they sees or think that you might not be made for each other. Well, what should be the basis of argument if a couple are compatible or say, they compliments each other?

Some people tend to know someone first before trying to start a relationship. Well to good to be true about most of our men who just go into a relationship as long as it's free, if you know what I mean =) Though from benefit of the doubt, there are still men out there who really sorting out their options first before going into a relationship.

You might wonder what guidelines should one follow if he/she is looking for someone to be with, or the real question is, is there a guideline to follow?

Compatibility is a key. Some people might argue with me but I think it is. One must complete the other's emptiness.

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