Showing Off Turned Shame

A lot of guys do really love to show off just to win a girl or sometimes, more often than not, just to show others who is superior than who. But sometimes, these 'showing off' will be turned into a shameful events. Our friends proudly shares their experience about this... Read on!

Enjoy =)

I'm a good dancer according to my own intuition. One time, while at school, I'm showing off some of my signature moves, I saw a group of girls laughing at me, I really shouldn't be embarrassed but I do...
=) Ralph, 18, Student

I might be a fun-to-be-with kind of guy. I go out on a date from a high school batchmate, I was on college then. When I thought that she's pretty bored, I decided to crack a joke. Then I wonder why she had no reaction at all, did I not deliver the joke right or, she just didn't get it?!
=) Jonathan, 28, OFW

I always thought that girls are into poetry. I had a big crush from one of my officemates so I did a romantic Romeo-and-Juliet dialogue. I think she got disgusted and left...
=) Joel, 30, Registered Nurse

I was on a heavy-drink-session one night and I had a bad hangover the following day. Thought I'd be cool to report to class with the booze's smell. My crush sat besides me and I think she's not too happy about it!
=) Ryan, 20, Student

Always remember guys, that it's not everyday that you can be the center of everyone's attention. A lot of times, when you least expect it, it will turn into a nightmare! You might want to share yours, just feel free!


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