Dirty Confessions

A lot of women are willing to confess about their dirtiest deeds just for fun! Or just for the sake of sharing... Here are some revelations of their shameless and exciting scams ever =)

Read on! Enjoy =)

Quick Park!
My boyfriend had a car and we have to leave a friend's party very late at night. While we're at an intersection, he started caressing my thigh and made me feel really horny, so we decided to park a while on the nearest block and started to kiss each other. He started to caress my breast and a burning sensation slowly filled my body! We were so intimate and I lost all my inhibitions so I pulled him to go over me! It was a great feeling as he pounded himself, it was a quick orgasm that we almost forgot where we are. We heared voices so we immediately went home!
=) Vaness, 28, Event Organizer

Red Handed!
I went to my boyfriend's apartment and we decided to take a bath together. While we're having fun we started touching each other's and we had a very hot and steamy session! We decided to go all the way so I bent over and he started to push himself from behind! I can't explain the sensation while being wet from the shower adds a great sensation on my body. When we were finished, my boyfriend went out from the bathroom first and I continue to take a bath. Then someone knocked on the door, he opened it with only a towel around his waist and came face-to-face with his Untie! As I step out from the bathroom she just asked me "how was your bath?" smiling. I can't look her in the eyes until now!
=) Bianca, 26, Mall Sales Clerk

Sneak Peek!
I work in a large call center company, and it so happen that my boyfriend is a co-worker. One time during a 20 minute break, we decided to sneak into a room and started to kiss each other on a semi brutal manner, (we're in a hurry), as he pulled my undies off and started to lick me 'there', I feel an ecstasy! As I enjoying the moment we heared footsteps and we scrambled to put my undies on! We immediately run into our workplace with a smile of grin on our face... So 'bitin' =(
=) Andrea, 28, Call Center TL

Ahhh, have you enjoyed reading those confessions? Well, I did ;-)


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