Man-Magnet... How to be one?

Girls are always number one priority of men as a lot of surveys shows. Men always looked up for women whenever or wherever possible. It is given that women should be noticed by men at any means

Though for some girls, this isn't hardly the case! A lot of women when they go out, had a feeling that guys aren't giving them the attention they deserved. Unfortunately, they can't figure out why... Here are some tips on how to be a total man-magnet!

1st Tip =)
Go out with friends but not more than three
When a guy wants to approach you, it is really harder if you are with a large group of friends, guys are easily be intimidated. Moreover, if you are in a group of three, your two friends can keep each other's company if a guy walks up and wanted a chat with you.

2nd Tip =)
If you are in a bar or a party, always hold a drink on your hand
You don't want to be taught as a user of course, guys won't approach you thinking that they will buy you a drink right away. They tend to choose those with half a cocktail, in that way if you finish your drink while chatting with him, he can offer you another just to keep it moving.

3rd Tip =)
Always wear a smile, genuinely
This may be easy as it seems but it's actually harder than you think. Never loose a smile on your face but do it naturally, if you fail to do this, guys probably won't talk to you as you look like an unapproachable bitch.

4th Tip =)
Making eye contact would be hard but, you have to work it out
Men always takes his pride with him. They do really feel manly if you flash them a couple of sexy glances. If you find them so gorgeous and made it very hard for you to even look, try to fake it by focusing at any area preferably between their eyes.

5th Tip =)
Even if you're dying to know, don't immediately ask what he does
You don't want to be assumed as 'gold digger' right? Men may think you are if you ask them what they do without having a conversation yet. They fear that you will use them for your shopping itch, you will sometimes hurt their ego if so happen that they belong from a not-so-good-income kind of job.

6th Tip =)
Always try to have a short but positive conversation
Try not to talk about the 'kabaduyan' of other's, try not to tell him your complaints about the weather or saying like 'it's so hot in here', which will show how negative you are. Instead, try chatting about an interesting movie, recent vacation escapade or favorite bands.

Always wear a smile girls, men tend to cross the room to chat up with you if you show him a warm and friendly smile, they always find it sexy no matter what =)


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