Her Nose Knows: Turn Her On With Your Smell

When we talk about girls, if you don't know, are always keen into details. They always notice everything about you. Especially if they have their eyes on you, meaning tiger, they like you more than you know! It's not just how you make them laugh, how you make them appreciate those six-pack, how you show them your manly appeal but hey junior, you really have to smell good! Bear with me if I say, you need to have something on that you actually come off pleasing to her sense of smell...

You might boast your Leonardo de Caprio's hair do, Brad Pitt's chest, might as well have Keanu Reeves' eyes and shiny 19-inch rim in your car, but if you smell like a 2-day old wet socks written all over you--- come on, bad news my man, you will not have a follow-up date for the next day! Worst, you might consider going out with your cousin instead...!

So if it seems that it's getting dark on your find-me-a-date-quick scheme, and sad to say that you're not getting much action (if you know what I mean), you might be exploding the wrong bombs here =)

Sure you always took time to match your get-ups, from your well ironed collared shirt to your stone faded jeans and colored match shoes, well my boy, you have to complete the package. You have to make sure to seal the deal, if you know what I mean!

Women, believe it or not are more than visual creatures! While you fantasize her making out with you in the darkest corner of the theater house, or having steamy french-kissing inside the car while parked on your favorite dark alleys, she's having dreams about you playing hide and seek with her while running along the Bora beach! Well sporty, this is where she'll put your heavy sweating and stinking into the test!!!

Okay, let's review yourself for a while! As you approach girls, they tend to have a moment but keen observation on you. They surely check on everything about you! Hey look, your nose hairs are peeking =) those pimples pop out just where they want to on your face and don't forget to check on those flakes on your scalp that's really put a shame on all dandruff shampoos known to man! Might as well consider shaving your hair to scalp if all else fails =) and you breakfast wedged in between your teeth (get the picture doug?)

If you were with her (assuming she had interests in you), she's trying to have a slight whiff of you as you go around her during night outs, and guess what? If you happen to smell like your-deodorant-is-not-working-anymore scent, then it's the end of the world for you! You might consider slipping that christmas-tree-like car freshener in between those smelly armpits! Don't blame her disappear faster than you can remember your deo-cologne's brand!

Let's face it, men's armpits are the most crucial part of men's grooming. You need to pay more attention on those shameful smell. It is more important than turning that Calvin Klein underwear into side B because it's hard for you to take that bath during the cold weather before asking her out!

I do get your attention, right? If you still reading this means that you are open to the idea to smell better =) Well its not that simple that you will run into your fave shop and grab a scent and just going at it! you have to explore that option to choose that life-changing scent that will really sync into your personality and your body chemistry.

To jive into this new routine of yours, we know that the first weeks will be harder for you to handle, we advice that you treat this as a live-like-you-were-raised-by-it manner!

Remember that first impression really lasts! Studies also shows that smelling good gives off more than a sense of confidence! It also provides an over-all good feeling which energizes you on your day activity... =)


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