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Have you found yourself peeing even in the most inconvenient late hour or worst, so early in the morning? You might be paranoid thinking you had a very serious problem about your health, will it be UTI (urinary track infection), bladder failure or worst STD (sexually transmitted disease). Well, after you manage to calm yourself, here are some health answers about your pee-related inquiries... Read on =)

Question # 1
There are times that I try to hold it, can it harm me?
If you're thinking that your bladder might stretch out or worst, explode, you are totally wrong. Your bladder is really an expandable organ. The worst that can happen to you if you hold your pee, is you might eventually wet yourself.

Can you imagine yourself peeing at that? =)
Question # 2
I find myself waking up in the middle of the night a couple of times just to pee, is this normal?

If you don't feel pain or burning while you pee or your lower ab doesn't hurt, yes it is completely normal. But if you feel those, it might be UTI. Your late night pee was probably triggered by how many fluids you intake before you sleep. Thus, if you want to avoid these night time pee galore, try not to eat or drink at least 4 hours before you sleep.

Question # 3
Can I treat my suspected-UTI if I feel it coming without consulting or before I consult my ob?
If you feel that there are symptoms that you might have UTI, drink a lot of water, it helps to dilute the bacteria. You should consider an over-the-counter UTI remedy that can help you with the discomfort. However, it is best that you consult an ob, UTI can only be cured with antibiotics.

Question # 4
Embarrassed to say that my butt crack itches regularly, what should i do?
It may be caused by an allergy, maybe from a scented soap or the fabric of your undies. Though sometimes, this might be triggered by sweat or feces left on your skin, which attracts irritating bacteria.
More often than not, there are really no known cause of an anal itch. It may be just a mild itch then you scratch it then you were caught in the cycle. So next time you feel that your behind needs scratching, and you already know that it is not caused by allergy, better run into a nearest drugstore and purchase over-the-counter antihistamine gel. This will reduce the itching, then soon before you know it, you're not scratching your butt anymore.

Dr. Rence Roogafort MD


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