The Art of Stalking

A lot of people are being skeptical about the idea that they are stalking. Some might not not accept the fact that they are, in some point of their lives, stalk, but some are really guilty about the idea. They will even spare time to share with you their deepest secret about their stalking adventure.

Some might trigger their stalking due to the aftermath of a failed relationship, or a lot of times, just the urge of their pure jealousy. The degree of interest of knowing where and what are the activities of their partner's or ex's vary from person to person. But naturally, as far as human's intuition is concerned, we tend to check their activities and whereabouts at any given time.

Hey, before you jump into that door to check on him or her, let's have a small chat over this "stalking" activities. Read on =)

The urge of stalk, believe it or not is really normal. Hey, manage to calm yourself down and don't throw that rock yet. Everyone - talk to my loan agent - has gone through stalking. It is an understandable impulse. Even if you claim yourself to be a well maintained, well educated, well adjusted, sensible human being, you sure are guilty that there are times that you tend to know your partner's or ex's whereabouts. The urge is really that strong to check on him or her (not to mention the paranoia that someone might be snugging her or him at the moment, hmm).

The actual stalking though might vary on how we treat ourselves say, you might not be hiding from the bush wearing camouflage, have fall out leaves all over you and wearing a fake mustache, just to cover yourself up then spy on him or her. Or worst, that maybe you have to buy ninja outfits and hold your post in the darkest possible area in the alley pretending that no one might notice you there, then try to surprise yourself who's with him or her.

A lot of people (hey don't include those who hear voices from their heads) may be considered passive stalkers. These people are those who tries to investigate (though you might not accept the fact that you are one of those) through your partner' or ex's friends, relatives and acquaintances. A simple talk that will inevitably strafe the 'who'and 'where'. Then upon knowing, this might be harder than you think, dig into your high school acting experience and practice then say "well, I hope she's/he's okay... If she's/he's happy, then I am glad for him..."

If you happen to have a car, then it's easy for you to do the stalking. Be careful driving you own though, well dumbhead, you'll surely be noticed if you drive your own. You're too chicken to be spotted whimpering inside your car, if you know what I mean. The advice is, especially if you are a guy, have a wingman to do the shameless act for you. Well, if you spot your girl, and I hope that it's not in a not-so-good-view, please don't flash that hazard lights and exit the car uncontrollably sobbing on your knees!

Oh well, there are really a lot of ways to satisfy whatever stalking reasons you might have. And if you find yourself wearing your granny's wig, moves suspiciously in the dark wearing night goggles, bringing dolls and wearing sexy lingerie with battery operated shaver (hey don't ask me what's that for) might as well book yourself in the psych ward!

We tend to fall into the mistake of stalking, it is say, a dirty and guilty pleasure. It might be understandable, let's face the fact that we might be suffering from jealousy or we just need to reel from the fall out of our relationships. We might suggest though that you really have to learn to trust your partner or if the case may be, find closure into your corresponding ex's... Though if you really are a hard-headed animal, then go on... Indulge yourself =)


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