What Your Man Really Means with his Lusty Lines

I must admit, I’m not an expert when it comes to feelings. I myself often misjudged feelings of my own with regards to love and especially understanding lust. So, in this field, we must consult an expert to discuss this thing with utmost importance and bearing. 

I managed to browse an influential “For Her Magazine” and these are what various people of different field expertise have to say. When your guy says:

“I would love to go somewhere quiet with you so we can talk”

When you hear these lines and you assume that he is serious when he says it, yes you can tell if he’s serious assuming that this is not a one night stand, a line like this signals that he’s craving for an emotional connection, rather than a mere physical release. That’s according to sex therapist Carole Altman, PhD, author of You Can Be Your Own Sex Therapist. Be ready though and prepare yourself for a slow, slow, yes, so sloooooow burn! “He is probably feeling romantic and wants to have a sensual intimate encounter”, Altman exclaims.

“I bet you that my bed is more comfortable than yours.”

According to Altman, “A guy may challenge you in this lighthearted manner if he’s in a playful mind-set”. “Indulge his flirtation and his testosterone levels will likely elevate as a result, priming him for uninhibited passion”, explains Altman. In this scenario, bed will just be an option! Just be creative, playful and well, you can reveal that you're not-so-wild exhibitionist. Thinking of some erotic escapades, get yourself ready for that ;-)

“You seem uncomfortable. Let’s get you out of those clothes.” 

Altman explains that, “Even though it’s couched in a funny statement, there is a sense of urgency to this line.” She also added that “Your man is highly aroused and is taking control in order to fast-track both of your pleasure.” Talking about excitement right? If you want to indulge yourself and get wild on the sofa, I envy you ;-) You’re really in for an exhilarating quickie!

“Are you stressed? I want to give you a full-body massage.”

When you hear this line, good news will surely pour all day long! You are about to have all-about-you kind of sex, and it is great! So great that you’ll probably be addicted to the idea. Massage, who doesn’t want it? According to Altman, “Massage is a loving gesture – not to mention a lot of work. When a guy offers to go to great lengths to please you, he has decided to make your satisfaction top priority.” Believe me, it’s a great thing!

When your man spend some time to talk to you, take time to listen and try to interpret as hard as you can be what they really meant. When your guy decides to share some personal things with you, take note what it is, it can really shed some light on his true feelings. The following were all according to Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, Author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind?

When the day comes that he decided to tell you about his love history, doesn’t immediately means that he’s still onto her. It’s perfectly normal for guys to share some specifics, like when was the last time they seriously talked or when he split with his last girlfriend or how much time they spend with each other. But be attentive if he keeps bringing up the ex – even if it’s to tell you, yet again, how awful and inconsiderate she was – that’s a 100% sign that he’s still hung up on her. You don’t have to ask him directly though, it will surely start a fight, just be observant enough!

Be aware that when your guy tells you about his family, it doesn’t always his move to score or get laid. When he decide to share to you things about his childhood, his crazy Tiyo Paeng, or about his sister’s miserable choice of men, you can have to know a couple of things: He’s hoping to get lucky, since men usually open up when they think sex is in the cards, and he’s also probably trying to figure out if you share the same values by gauging your reaction to his tales. You have to really pay attention though; you’ll hurt their feelings if you’re not!

When your man talks about his accomplishments doesn’t really mean that he’s boasting up! Though sometimes it sounds arrogant, pay attention when he talks about his great salary or his new set up for his wheels, this might be signs that he wants in. Believe me when I say that men these days know women want a man who can keep up with them, so this might actually be his way of proving to you that he measures up. Try not to get irritated with what he shares with you; he might want to express a whole new meaning between his lines.


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