How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: A Balance Between Life and Work

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle? A great question a lot of us might be asking ourselves, especially those of us who can’t see our belly buttons anymore! Well, to balance everything from life to work, that’s another dilemma!

Planning what to eat and where to go and what time to sleep is not my thing! Though lately, well, it might come to age, I need to consider those things to make myself worthy to stay alive. Better yet, I need to do these to inform if not to influence more people to do it, and I seriously think that this is for a greater good ;-)

What are your eating habits? That would be the first thing you have or you need to ask yourself. Do you eat breakfast regularly to start your day right? A lot of research indicates that the best meal throughout the day is the breakfast. But that doesn’t mean that you have to eat everything you see during breakfast! Are you aware that there were caloric requirements needed according to your body type, (I’m not doing it for you, you have to search what’s required for your body type) especially during holidays where all of us fight great temptations to overeat abound? To help control in portion eating, you know what I mean when I say portion eating right? You need to make it a habit to use smaller plate during breakfast and not the traditional dinner plate. Have you ask yourself if you are eating the right food? The next time you shop for your food, try to check the label of the products you’ll try to consume, and then ask yourself again, do these products supply the nutrients your body needs in the right amounts to help make you healthy?

Sleeping would be another problem for some of us who wants to stay fit. It is indeed vital for the health of all the systems of the human body. That would really be a headache for me personally if you ask me; I’m writing this a couple of hours past midnight, so much for my great sleeping habits! Research shows that lack of sleep makes you drowsy and unable to concentrate the following day. For our nervous system to work properly, we really need to sleep. I have read an article once that we should be on a relaxed mode, if not sleeping during 9 PM, the latest for us to sleep is around  10 PM. Our body produces white blood corpuscles before midnight but we should be on a sleep mode, it wouldn’t happen if we’re awake! Eventually, we might die on Leukemia ;-) One research says that sleep is also responsible for our growth. Growth hormones are being released in children and young adults during sleep, which explains my height then! During that time, the parts of the brain that control emotions and social interactions are given rest. That explains that after a good night’s sleep, a person wakes up cheerful and not grouchy.  

You need to nurture yourself! Think of things that you enjoy most, try to spare time to pamper yourself doing that. Do anything you find relaxing, listening to music, decorating the house, cooking, trying a new hair-do and reading. Did you know that fair like these can rejuvenate you?

One tip to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to fight the guilt. This is a very wide topic to discuss, just remember that for both men and women, having a family and a job are okay and great. You really do not have to choose one over the other.

Saying “no” is not bad. Though you have to learn it! That would be the challenge. More often than not, a co-worker will ask us to do an extra job or project during a time when we are already loaded with work. We don’t have to do those things just out of guilt or better yet, a false sense of obligation! Try to make possible in your life to do things that will bring joy and are meaningful for you. It is really okay to respectfully say “no”.
Never try to bring work at home! Or simply put, leave work at work! If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s no boundary between work and home with today’s global business and technology.  To make it reasonable, try to make a conscious effort to separate work time from personal time. You have to enjoy great moments like the time for meals, time for your exercise routine, enjoying the comforts of your sofa or even hanging out with friends at the mall ;-) The key is, you have to enjoy and indulge yourself during your personal time.

You have a small and limited “day off”, you have to protect it! A great thing to do during your off is to make sure it is totally relaxing. Never try to go shopping for groceries for the holidays, especially great big holidays like Christmas during your day off! Instead, spend your off visiting the spa, a massage parlor perhaps or try to watch the latest movie or go visit a mall you’ve never been to, just be sure it’s not that far ;-)

When you got home, sometimes, you don’t have to clean everything up! An unmade bed every now and then will not impact the quality of your life. You have to learn to relax and have a moment, though I didn’t mean that you don’t have to try to have a clean house. Sometimes, being too obsessive-compulsive is not a great thing to be, just let go of the rest, do only what needs to be done.

Yes, for most people, balancing a career and a personal life is a tough juggling act! What you have to do is, try to think those things that are most important to you and make time for those. When I say make time, you really have to make time and don’t try to convince yourself that you don’t have time for those things! Stress will kill you yes, if you find your career and personal life out of balance. You don’t have to do everything at the same time. You have to determine your priorities and then you have to set boundaries. You well know sure for yourself what you can and cannot do, and the one who can restore harmony and reduce stress in your life, is only YOU!


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