When to Dispose of

Everything we had on our house needs to be checked on a regular basis especially those which have expiration dates. The following three commonly used things should be disposed of accordingly.

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2 weeks is the most that you should be using your sponge. Within prolonged use, it will accumulate a lot of harmful bacteria. You should be wary if no one should be reminding you of these things!

However, bacteria accumulation can be prevented if the sponge is soaked in hot water or having it microwaved every after 2 to 3 days. This will prevent those harmful bacteria from building up.

Experts also suggests that it is best to use lemon flavor when purchasing your dishwashing liquid =)

1 year, you shouldn't be using your household flour after this time. After this time, your flour looses its flavour, its oil content started to degrade and it will start to spoil.

To prolong the life of your household flour, you should transfer it into a sealed container then place it inside the fridge.

According to experts, cold temperature will push the moisture out hence, holding it from building up. This will prevent the flour oil from spoilage.

It is said that the perfume started to loose its fragrance after six months. This is because of the changes on the fragrance molecules which degrades due to the heat of the surroundings.

You can extend the life of your perfume by placing it inside the fridge. The cold temperature will extend the freshness of its smell even through the years.

When you spray perfume, it is best to have it at those places that doesn't perspire. Say at the lower part of the earlobe, neck area, pulse area and at the elbow parts.


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