Ford Fiesta

Having a car nowadays would be argued as luxury or a mere necessity! As prices of either oil and fares continue to soar high, a lot of people think that it would be wise to purchase a car, or better yet,  an economy car.

When we search for a car to buy, there's a lot of things to be taken into account. Besides the bank approval for a loan, or what company to approach, what brand in particular, or even what color to choose, there's really a lot of things to consider and re-consider... Before we jump into a conclusion which car to buy, after we have test driven the Lexus, fell in love with the Peugeot, blown our mind with the abilities of a Jaguar, dream about the curves of the Lamborghini, please bear with me! Well what to buy is generally yours to decide but let me introduce you something more stylish, more reliable and much more price friendly...

The new Ford Fiesta...

Enjoy! =)

The new Ford Fiesta is a front wheel drive supermini or subcompact manufactured and marketed by Ford Motors and built in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India and South Africa. This specific model is being marketed and sold worldwide. Including Australia, America and Asia...

The design, which is the strong graphics and bold kinetic design elements of the new Ford Fiesta, are defined by signature elements such as the dynamic headlamps, the contoured bonnet and toned masculinity of its surfaces. Its kinetic design expresses energy in motion, athleticism and the refined driving dynamics. Those headlamps are really recognizable, it complements the lower bumper flanks by round fog lamps.

The all new Ford Fiesta's profile emphasizes its poised attitude and sporty style. The sweeping roof line extends appealingly from the forward-stretching A-pillar rearward, framing the bold graphic of the Fiesta side window profile to create the sporty feeling for the five-door body style.

Is it budget friendly? Check this out =)

Model                              MSRP (Php)
5 Dr 1.6 L Sport 6PS          Php 816,000.00
5 Dr 1.6 L Trend 6PS          Php 766,000.00
4 Dr 1.6 L Trend 6PS          Php 766,000.00
5 Dr 1.4 L Trend MT           Php 685,000.00
4 Dr 1.4 L Trend MT           Php 685,000.00
4 Dr 1.4 L Style MT            Php 670,000.00

This is as low as it gets as far as Ford Manufacturer is concerned. Deal with your banks how to drive home this amazing Ford Fiesta (it comes with a Sedan version)!


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