Valentine's Day... Loveless? What's the Alternative?

I was once at a street corner having conversation with a couple of friends. We covered almost all topics from gaming, cultures, dancing, music and almost all what-to-talk-about genre known to man! What we talked about the most is what to do when you are loveless during the love month!

We can't explore what's possibly the most remedy for a loveless individual until someone came almost out of the blue then briskly joined the discussion! We can't ignore her as she almost cried sharing her most unimaginable stories and escapades. What we've heard really shocked us, though there were times that she managed to survive the dilemma. Don't worry about her though as she can really manage the situation, and the good thing is, she shared some of those experience for us to learn something if not to laugh at.

Well, what really should someone do if they found themselves loveless especially during love month?

There should be a criteria really so you can continue reading this:

a. You are single
b. You are single as long as you can remember, quite that long huh
c. Valentine's Day has never been a special day for you, wipe that tears gurl

If so happen that you checked all that, well it's not really the end of the world (you're not in your 40's are you?) You just have to be resourceful and imaginative to enjoy almost everything around. I have filed things-to-do for your perusal if you happen to find this Valentine's a very long day!

1. Don't get out there and try to hook yourself a man! Instead, if you want to go out, have someone with you, a male friend who can share the day with no strings attached if you know what I mean. Be sure that he doesn't have commitment or you'll surely hurt yourself more. If all else fails, try to ask your cousin instead, no one will notice but don't bring one who has a great resemblance with you! Get the picture!

2. Stay at home and do what you do best! It's either cooking, watching porn I mean watching TV or movie of your choice or anything that you find yourself amusing to do. Cook pasta or try that recipe you've been keeping for too long. Be sure you know how to cook though as this will turn to be a disaster. Might as well have your dog beside you while watching that movie, just don't talk to them more often, you might loose yourself in the process!

3. Invite your girlfriends over to do a bonding moments like gossiping about the cute boy next door, a classmate maybe or a hunk at the office! You can end up shopping eventually if you have the time, be sure you have a budget though, surely you'll hurt yourself not buying that bag for 95% off =)

4. This might be the best day to pamper yourself! Have a relaxing Spa, have your hair shortened or curled, wear that dress you've been saving for an special event (when I say special event, I didn't mean graduation day, just to clear myself up! Don't blame me if you end up wearing a toga!). Just do all things to make you more beautiful, you never know, this is the day someone would notice you =) Did I see a smile there?

There you have it folks, if I missed something out, just let me know, it would highly be appreciated! For all the girls out there who is single, or pretending to be one, or planing to be, there's really nothing wrong being loveless!

So what if someone is loveless! You can drink all you want and bitch then laugh out loud anyway. In the end, that's what really matters. Just be happy and before I go, I'll leave you with this:

There's nothing wrong being single, you're just waiting for someone better to come along!

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