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I remember when I was 7, though I'm not familiar with having crushes, I admire almost all of my school mates. I'm shy to admit though, especially those who I talked to on a daily basis. I tried to write them letters, I even remember myself vandalizing the comfort rooms to express my hidden feelings! Sad to say, I didn't have enough courage to even look them in the eye, it's a sad, regrettable and humiliating story really! Good for you, this post is not about that =)

As time goes by, the ways on how to express our feelings goes with the advancement of technology. I remember my classmates all having pagers always carried on their pockets. Messages came like selling pancakes! We amuse ourselves calling almost all radio stations just to send one, then laugh ourselves out loud when we receive our own! (Pretending that we didn't sent it ourselves)

Then came the cellphone era! At first, we consider those as luxury gadget as prices are not that budget friendly! Really, it almost drain our pockets! I remember I even reduce myself eating half rice instead of two. No more meat meal during lunch breaks for me which will cost you Php 30.00 an order, might as well content yourself with half vegies for a friendly Php 10.00 =) Well, surely we sacrifice a lot for the sake of Nokia 3310 =) though for all it's intents and purposes, we can say it's worth it =)

Time flies as fast as it can, we're fortunate enough to indulge ourselves with iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTable, Apple Mac, Laptops and the latest, The Galaxy Tab.

Unfortunately, this post is not about those! Let's just focus ourselves with having our own personal computer. Though some find themselves renting, it is best to have one when you explore the chances to find your love via the internet =)

The idea of Love Online is not new =) we even witness some having married through the net. There's 'made to order', 'bride for you' and the likes!

But what does Love Online connotes and what it is all about? According to experts, love online is a process of having deeper conversation and sharing thoughts both on a regular basis, and even argue just like a real couple via the internet! Also, though some might find it embarrassing, searching for someone to be a partner online could be considered 'love online'. Some might say that they met online accidentally but still, it should be considered as the same.

I can't provide you with 'how to' when it comes to online love but I can leave you this, try to join social networking sites and add as many friends request as possible, you'll never know who you will meet in the future. I'm not pushing you to find someone to be your partner via the internet, but give it a try, it could be fun =) Just be responsible for all your actions, always be cautious and if you are a minor or you're pretending to be one, try to check and double check all backgrounds before jumping into a relationship. And as long as it is completely online (without all the unnecessary activities if you know what I mean) and it is preventing you from seeing each other or someone might have access to you personally, I think it could be fine =)

Care to join me back and feel free to share your experience if you decided to meet someone via the internet! I'm sure if not me, someone will learn something from your escapades =)

Cheerio =)

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