Baguio City... The City of Pines (Day 4)

Day 4, the supposedly last day of our stay at Baguio City! So before we condition ourselves to go home for tomorrow, we have to visit Good Shepperd, Mines View and the Botanical Garden.

We might not cover all the beautiful places here at Baguio City, but we have to enjoy what we can. So for our last day, please accompany us as we visit these places...

Enjoy =)

What else can I say, welcome to The Good Shepherd =)

Found ourselves at the corner of Good Shepherd Convent and the not-so-readable-street-sign =)

Good thing we didn't brought the horses =)

I didn't get the name whose patron is this, well maybe next time i'll tell you =)

'nuff said right! But can't help myself to pick one! Just kiddin', i content myself just taking pictures =)

You can't see this at Good Shepherd's, not at Mine's View either, this was just standing on the road on the way to the Convent =)

Can't help myself, thought it was funny an Igorota texting someone! Or just maybe, she was asked to take some pics =)

After the Mine's View, we went to The Botanical Garden! My nephew insisted =)

There's a silver shoppe nearby, why not pay a visit, might bought something for someone =)

Those were statues of, well I don't know really! It's already getting dark when I took this =)

A woman carrying her two sons, forgot to copy what's written below there =)

Yeah I know! I should have copied what's written on their what, tomb?

Cutting the story short =) time to go home! As always, bus from Baguio to Manila =)

Ahh can't have much to satisfy yourself! Hope we can go back soon =)

It's getting dark but, didn't fail to take some pics along the way =)

The lahar area still visible at some part of the Pampanga City =)

I will be happier if this was taken via DSLR! I'm really dying to buy one =)

Last shot of the day, the sunset with a, a tower? I don't know what that is =)

Well, that's it! Our short but really relaxing, enjoyable, bonding and stress reliever escapade to the City of Pines, the Baguio City. Hope you can join us again as we visit some cool places in the Philippines.

Cheerio! =)

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